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Have you ever wonder what the HCG injections can do for men?

The use of HGC injection is commonly associated with women. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin “pregnancy hormone” is produced by the placenta of pregnant women which helps them control their metabolic functions throughout pregnancy. This is the same hormone used for the most number of medical uses particularly in treating infertility issues. It’s also the same hormone used for weight loss management known as “The HCG Diet” in both men and women but in a much lower dose.

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet is a diet that helps burn unwanted fats quickly while preserving lean muscle tissue as you lose weight. It uses a combination of these two:

  • A restricted-calorie diet that ranges from 500 to 800 calories a day
  • A daily injection of the HCG hormone for a period of 23 or 46 days.

The reduced calories which are mostly based on carefully selected proteins, fruits, and vegetables can help you lose excess weight. The HCG hormone will stimulate other hormones in the body to reeve up metabolism so you can lose inches effortlessly around these problem areas:

  • Women= hips, thigh, buttocks, and stomach
  • Men= Thigh, abdomen arms

You may think that it’s impossible to survive with fewer calories a day, but having the hormone in conjunction with the restricted calorie diet completely changes the game. The hormone will allow you to stick to the restricted-calorie diet without getting hungry. Stored fats will be released into your bloodstream so your body still gets the energy it needs and burns fat in the process. While the hormone is busy reshaping and sculpting your body, you will find that your appetite decreases to a healthier level.

Can men actually lose weight with the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet is not just a mere weight loss fad. It actually works. It works better not just for women who desperately want to lose pounds and inches off their bodies but also for men. Although the hormone is produced by women during pregnancy, it’s completely safe for use by men. Men will not develop female characteristics such as having a “man boob” from the diet. It is, in fact, often prescribed by doctors as a treatment for low testosterone and infertility in men.

Talking about the HCG Diet for men, there are differences in the course of the process between how men lost fats than women. Men have a higher metabolic rate compared with women, therefore men can lose fat at a faster pace than women. The process can be accelerated even more for men when there’s HCG hormone in the system. This can actually be beneficial for men with high obesity level on the HCG diet. Men with high obesity levels are more likely to have hormonal imbalances such as high estrogen and low in testosterone. The HCG hormone can correct these imbalances and help men get to a healthier weight in a short time.

How does the hormone work for men?

The way the hormone works in helping obese and overweight women achieve their weight loss goal is the same as that of men. However, unlike women, men tend to lose more weight than women due to a higher metabolic rate. The hormone suppresses the appetite by tapping on the brain’s hypothalamus to signal the body to burn stored fats as an alternative source of energy. In this way, dieters won’t get hungry despite the restricted calorie intake.

In addition to weight loss, the hormone helps treat the symptoms of hypogonadism, a condition where the testes fail to produce enough testosterone or sperm. It acts as a luteinizing agent that stimulates the testicles to boost the productions of the primary male sex hormone.

What’s the HCG Dosage for Men?

The injection is usually given subcutaneously or under the skin once a day. For most dieters, 150 iu is a good starting point but if you do not have much weight to lose, start at 125 iu. Men, in particular, may need as high as 200 iu but you still have to find your sweet spot for no/ limited hunger. As you start to become leaner, you can gradually lower your dose. If you have started at 150 iu, observe how you do during the diet. If you feel hungry towards the end of the day, your dose can be too low. Increase your dose the next day to 175 iu. However, if you are feeling hungry earlier in the day, your dose can be too high so you might want to lower it a bit.

The Benefits of Using HCG injections in Men

HCG is a hormone often associated with weight loss on the HCG Diet protocol. However, the use of the HCG injections is highly overlooked in men. Many are not aware of the several benefits that are particularly important to men and their bodies. Of course, the biggest benefit men can get out of using the HCG is faster weight loss.

  1. Faster weight loss

Weight loss using the HCG injection coupled with a low calorie diet and a few or no exercise at all occurs quickly especially in problem areas like the thigh, arms, and abdomen. Since the hormone takes care of literally melting the fat away, working out is not a priority.

  • Increase testosterone level

The hormone has a desirable effect in increasing the testosterone level. It enhances the production of testosterone to counteract the low testosterone condition in many men with advanced age. This in turn can boost metabolism and lean muscle mass. It can also resolve testosterone deficiency symptoms such as chronic depression, low sex drive, fatigue, stress, and many more.

  • Improved fertility

HCG can stimulate natural hormone production. Men who have hormone problems can lead to low sperm count but this can be treated with HCG.

  • Improved performance and endurance during workouts

Having a lower weight through the help of the HCG Diet means men can achieve an improved performance and endurance during workouts.

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