Cheating on HCG Diet

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Whether you like it or not it’s going to happen. Most people who use HCG diet to lose weight end up cheating at some point or another. This is how it usually goes… they will spend hours reading the protocol and finally decided to do the program. They spend their money to buy hcg and start losing a bunch of weight then something happens and suddenly they cheat.

  • Why Do People Cheat On The HCG Diet?

One, it’s a hard routine to break. Cheating is almost involuntary. Two, you are sick of eating the same type of foods over and over. So, you end up eating the regular food. Three, the most common it is, being at the right place but at the wrong time like a wedding or a birthday party. Fourth, you end up eating the wrong food to comfort yourself.

  • What will happen after you cheat?

Weight gain will always be the product when you cheat. It can be from a couple of pounds to almost 5 pounds. The best scenario is nothing will happen and you’re lucky. OR you may or may not gain weight but your weight loss stall. The worst scenario really doesn’t have to do with your weight, it’s your mindset.

  • How to fix the cheat

Doing Apple day after cheating may not be your best choice. Because when you eat around 4-6 apples you will consume 3-4 times more sugar and carb than on your regular VLCD.  More about apple days cheat or stall? You can consider drinking plenty of water too but don’t overdo it. Here’s an article about drinking water on HCG. OR do clean eating for a few days after you cheat. Simply eat protein and veggie choices and ditch the fruits and carbs.

  • Why should you avoid future cheating

#1 You are capable of slip every now and then. Maybe you had a bad day and ended up eating a bar of chocolate or you had a slice of cake at the office. Okay, if you mess up then correct it.  Do your best not to cheat again. Weight gain can also happen on HCG if proper care is not taken. Yes, you can lose weight faster but you can actually gain fat stores faster when you cheat.

#2 Cheating can lead to not only weight gain. It can cause you to stop your diet altogether or you will cheat often and gain often. So, it’s a waste of time, effort and money.

Cheating is a big deal. But remember, DO NOT let it ruin the rest of your diet. Keep yourself in the right frame of mind and you’ll likely less to cheat.

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