Muscles on the HCG Diet

Muscles on the HCG Diet

Muscle loss is very common especially during a fast, dramatic weight loss and crash dieting. Since muscle is heavier than fat, it may look like you’ve lost a great deal amount of weight when in reality all you’ve lost is muscle. Losing muscle mass during a diet can set you bad from your weight loss goal. It’s not either good for your body, shape, health, or metabolism.  

One of the many benefits of HCG injections aside from letting you lose a good amount of weight is that it keeps you from losing muscles while you’re on your way to achieving that beach body. The HCG hormone works by stimulating your body to burn excess fats ass an alternative source of energy. It also stimulates other hormones in your body like the one that helps build and preserve muscle mass so you can have an increased metabolism.  

Does the HCG Diet Cause Muscle Loss?

A certain amount of muscle loss is expected and is “normal” no matter what diet programs you follow. When on the HCG diet, muscle loss can happen during the very low-calorie diet phase. Though this phase can lead to muscle loss along with water, there is no reason to panic as you can easily overcome this issue in several ways.

>Dieters who do not consume the right amount of protein while on the very low-calorie phase of the HCG diet are most likely to lose more muscle mass than those who consume adequate protein. It’s the dietary protein that ensures that your lean muscle tissue is well-maintained, and of course, the HCG hormone helps preserve your muscle mass while you lose extra fat.

Why use HCG during the HCG diet? 

Preserving the integrity of muscle tissue during the HCG diet is essential. As an active tissue, muscle is largely responsible for the metabolism of the body. Thus, preventing muscle tissue breakdown means preserving your metabolism. 

When you build your muscle mass, you also boost your metabolism and you can burn fat more efficiently. Preserving the integrity of your muscle mass makes you appear leaner and more sculpted at the end of the diet.  

How the HCG helps build muscle mass

The HCG hormone is an analog of many important hormones in the body.  It elevates other hormones in your body including the testosterone hormone which helps preserve and build your muscle mass while releasing stored fats. Testosterone is an anabolic hormone needed to build muscle growth. It directly affects the nervous system in that it increases the neuromuscular junctions to enhance muscle capacity and size. On the HCG diet, the testosterone boost that comes from the HCG hormone places your body in anabolic mode. It allows your body to build muscles with less effort while supporting consistent weight loss.  

In a small amount, it creates a muscle-building state which counteracts the breakdown of muscle during the weight loss phase of the HCG diet. In other words, it helps build and preserve muscle tissue.  

Ways to prevent muscle loss on the HCG diet 

  1. Make sure to eat enough protein: Protein is the building block muscles. It is an essential part of the HCG diet protocol. Eating an adequate amount of protein can help increase your muscle mass and strength while reducing muscle loss. Always remember that you are allowed to have 2 servings of 100 grams of protein each day during the very low-calorie diet.  
  1. Do not overexert your muscle: Strenuous activities such as running and weight lifting can cause an inevitable muscle loss and you should avoid it at all costs. When you break down muscle mass without having adequate nutrients and calories, you will find it hard to build your muscle back. Over-exerting your muscle can lead to loss of strength and you won’t have the desired energy to go through your workouts like you normally do. So, set your limit of exercise when on the HCG diet so you don’t end up overexerting yourself.  
  1. The diet doesn’t last too long: The HCG diet is a perfect weight loss plan for both men and women who wish to lose more than 25 pounds and more or even less than 5 pounds. It’s effective enough to reduce body fats in just three to six weeks without compromising your muscle mass. You can even do multiple rounds if you have more weight to lose. You just have to observe breaks between each round.  
  1. Exercise on regular basis: Dieting combined with light exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and yoga can be beneficial during the HCG diet not only it does help you lose a bit more weight but it helps preserve muscle mass. It helps strengthen your muscle and build muscle tissue. 

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  • Sarah Snyder

    I’m currently on P2 at day 21. I have lost 25 pounds and I’m glad. But when I step on my scale, it shows that out of that 25 pounds, the 12 pounds that was lost was muscles. Is this possible?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Hi Sarah! Don’t worry about that number. When it comes to measuring muscle weight, many fancy personal scales are inaccurate. If you had used real HCG and did not experience extreme hunger, you should not have lost muscle. With the use of real HCG, muscle loss is avoided even when having only 500 calories of intake.

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