Is Mixing of Vegetables on Phase 2 of HCG diet a YES or a NO?

In Dr. Simeons original protocol, he restricted the mixing of vegetables while on the VLCD although he didn’t specifically explain why. But it is believed that this was to avoid eating too many calories unknowingly.

But does it HAS to be this way? Like eating a bowl full of chopped cucumbers with a dash of salt and vinegar until you start getting some gag reflex. OR, is there another way around? Like mixing a little of this and a little of that to make it taste pretty good…

The modern variations of the original protocol permit the mixing of vegetables in Phase 2 of HCG diet and many hcg dieters do experience optimum weight loss. Here’s what you need to know about mixing your vegetables:

  1. When you try mixing your vegetables, make sure that they are all HCG diet approved vegetables.
  2. Use a small amount of each vegetable.
  3. Oil and butter are not allowed so don’t try to use them in your vegetables.
  4. Grill, boil or steam your vegetable mix. Do not sauté them in oil.
  5. Lastly, though it takes an extra effort- weight your vegetable servings out to a certain amount of calorie if you decide to mix them. The mix vegetable portion ends up between 50-70 calories per meal. So, if your protein portion has higher calorie content for 100 grams like beef-your vegetable mix should be at a lower end. But if your protein portion is low like 100 grams of shrimp then your vegetable mix should be higher.

How to mix your vegetable portion during hcg diet phase 2?

Let say you will have red meat for lunch, 100 grams of red meat would give 130 calories. Plus 3 grams of Melba toast with 12 calories and a half cup of grapefruit for 40 calories. This will give you a total of 182 grams for lunch without the vegetable portion. For dinner, 100 grams of shrimp with 110 calories, plus 1 carb portion with 12 calories and another half cup of grapefruit for 40 calories giving you a total of 162 calories. Adding both will give you 346 calories. Minus this from the allotted 500 calories per day gives you a remaining 156 calories.

Now, you will leave half of 156 calories (78 calories) for lunch veggie mix and the other half for dinner. Then break the 78 calories between 3 vegetables of your choice.

As long as you keep your calorie intake not higher than 500 a day you will still get the same results. It’s a matter of personal choice. If you begin to stall in your weight loss, try not to mix them so you can get back on track. And if you find yourself eating too much, stick again with the one vegetable rule per meal.

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