Mistakes during Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Mistakes during Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Gaining weight during the maintenance phase? Here are some top mistakes during Phase 3 of the HCG Diet that you might want to look into:

#1 You are eating too many calories

  • Eating too many calories might cause your body to start gaining weight all of a sudden because of the overabundance of calories. Your body might think to start storing those extra calories for future use. We recommend that you aim for 1500 calories a day during the maintenance phase. OR better consider this guide:

During the FIRST WEEK on P3: 900 to 1000 calories per day

During the SECOND WEEK on P3: 1100 TO 1200 calories per day

During the THIRD WEEK on P3: 1300 TO 1450 calories per day

#2 Having hidden starches or sugars

  • Be cautious with introducing foods into your body with hidden sugars like sugar-coated vitamins, eating something with cornstarch or eating meats with sugary broth. When buying foods, read the product labels and be mindful of sugar and starch content. Avoid food products with dextrose, fructose, maltose and anything that end with “ose”.

#3 Eating too many cautionary foods

  • Your first week can be excited because finally, you can have your freedom back in terms of eating. However, you are still restricted from eating too much during the first week of the HCG Diet. You also have to avoid eating sugars, carbs, starchy veggies and sweet fruits.
  • AT around the second or the third week, slowly add some of the restricted foods like sweet fruits and starchy vegetables.

#4 Not tracking your daily food intake

  • Keeping track of your food intake every day is as important as getting your daily weight. Tracking your foods can help you identify what food triggers you to gain weight.

#5 Insufficient intake of protein

  • Protein-rich foods are an essential part of Phase 3. Insufficient amount of proteins in your diet will make it hard for you to keep your weight off compared with dieters who keep proteins in their meal regularly.

#6 Not taking your weight every day

  • Keep track of your weight every day just as you keep track of your food intake. This will help you determine if you need to do the steak day because you go beyond the 2-pound rule or not.

#7 Adding too many foods at a time

  • Give your body some time to adjust to the new foods. Do not add too many foods at a time. If you are not sure what and how much foods to eat check this out The First Week of HCG Diet Phase 3.

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  • Leanne Carter

    I plan on skipping phase 3 and simply do daily workouts and healthy eating to lose more weight. Is this okay?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Hi Leanne! No, it is very important that you won’t skip phase 3. Otherwise, you will most likely gain back all the weight that you have worked really hard to lose. Stick with finishing phase 3 then proceed with your P4 which is the “rest-of-your-life”.

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