Mindful Versus Mindless Eating on the HCG Diet

Mindful Versus Mindless Eating on the HCG Diet

How many times have you sat down before the TV or worked in front of the computer with a bag of chips that’s full in one minute and empty the next, wondering how the chips disappeared so fast? Or maybe stopping by your coworkers’ desk to get a treat out from a candy jar every time you pass by?

This behavior often leads to mindless eating. The sad truth is, most of us are mindless eaters at some point. Mindless eating can pack on pounds. If it happens once in a while, then it not a big issue. But if you consistently eat mindlessly to the point that you feel overly full, something has to give.

Mindful Versus Mindless Eating

What is mindless eating?

Mindless eating is eating without awareness, entirely ignoring your body’s signals. You eat even if you are not hungry. You eat for the sake of eating. If you are on the HCG diet, mindless eating must at all costs be eliminated. It may be hard, but there’s no shortcut to what you want to achieve- physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.

There are so many trigger factors for mindless eating. It may result from factors like stress, anger, sadness, boredom, and many more. Even the smell and sight of foods can influence mindless eating.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating implies fully realizing the foods you are eating and bringing all of your senses into your meal. You listen to your body, feelings, and thoughts while you eat. You are totally aware of the food choices you make.

Mindful eating is one of the best ways to lose weight. Practicing mindful eating even if you are done with your HCG diet rounds is very important in keeping your weight off for good. Most people who are done with the HCG diet find they have a different attitude toward foods. They have control over their food and their conscious eating has improved and these attitudes have helped them maintain their weight.

People who eat mindfully are less likely to overeat and have more self-esteem. Doing it regularly can make your eating experiences more pleasurable and unique.

To get started with mindful eating, if you’re new to it, here are some tips for you to get started:

  1. Don’t leave any trigger foods on sight. Trigger foods are a recipe for disaster if you leave them in plain sight during witching hours. They’re also irresistible that even a strong person could not resist them.
  2. When eating, take a bite-size and chew your foods slowly. Enjoy every bite you have, the taste, aroma, flavor, and way of cooking.
  3. Listen to your body. Eat only when you are actually hungry. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?’
  4. Say no to multitasking. When you eat, focus only on eating. Do not eat whenever you are watching your favorite Netflix series or while you work in front of your computer. Avoid using your smartphone or any mobile devices while eating too.
  5. Take a step back if you realize you are about to eat with your emotions. Distract yourself. Leave the kitchen and go to the other room.

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