Meal Replacement Shakes on the HCG Diet

Meal replacement shake has now become an interesting topic among the HCG dieters. An HCG diet meal replacement shake is a delicious and nutritious meal alternative specially formulated for HCG dieters who seek the ultimate blend of carbohydrate, proteins and other nutrition in one product. It’s ideal for dieters seeking the most nutrition from an easy-to-mix drink. You can use meal replacement shakes for weight loss or to gain weight in a healthy way.

They are high in protein but low in carbs and will keep you full and satisfied for hours.  It can provide 50% of your daily value with 23 vitamins and minerals. It’s a nutrient-dense formula that will help you promote healthy weight loss even on the maintenance phase. An HCG Diet meal replacement shake does not contain any HCG hormone.

Unlike the protein shakes, meal replacement shakes are designed to provide nutrition of one full meal. Meal shakes provides a convenient way to a healthy low calorie meal on the go. It can provide your body with the nutrition it needs while limiting the number of calories you consume without the need to snack between meals after one drink. Most meal shakes contains 200 calories to 400 calories with a good amount of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals which creates an ideal midday nourishment option for your body.

Does the original protocol allow the use of meal replacement shakes?

The answer is NO. Dr. Simeons never talked about his on his book Pounds and Inches. The concept about replacing the protein options with meal replacement shakes has been developed recently but you can do this with limitations. There are some rules and guidelines that you need to follow if you want to substitute your meal with a meal replacement shakes.

Can I use the meal replacement shake for my 500 calories diet?

Using the meal replacement shake during the very low calorie diet is not a wise idea. You can use this occasionally just like when you are in a hurry but not on the 500 calorie diet.

What are the guidelines that you need to follow in selecting the right meal replacement shakes?

  1. Choose a meal replacement shake that’s all-natural. It should not contain any artificial flavors or any forms of sugar except for Stevia.
  2. Your meal shake should not contain any vegetables or fruits that are off the HCG diet protocol.
  3. Do not take more than 100 calories of shakes per serving nor should you replace more than one meal per day with any diet shakes.
  4. Choose a meal replacement shakes that are low in calories and fats but high in protein. Each serving of shake must not exceed more than 10 grams of carbohydrates.
  5. Choose whey proteins over soy proteins because whey proteins are easier to digests.
  6. For vegans and vegetarians, you can use protein shakes with soy. Use whey proteins as much as possible.

Meal replacement shakes are a way to slim down. It further maximizes your weight loss once combine with an HCG Diet plan. Some use meal shakes because of the protein content while others opt to use this because they feel preparing for a real meal is a tough task. 

What are the guidelines that you need to follow in using meal replacement shakes?

Keeping the following guidelines in mind whenever you want to use meal replacement shakes on your diet:

  1. Do not consume only meal shakes for your lunch or dinner. Meal shake is not sufficient to provide you with the required minerals and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables. Keep it to a lesser level than the recommended protein dosage. You need proteins from other natural sources to fulfil the demands of your body.
  2. If you are using the meal shakes, see to it that you do not exceed your daily protein intake limit.
  3. Never use your meal replacement shake to replace your snacks in between meals. Meal shakes are only intended to replace your lunch or dinner along with the normal servings of vegetables and fruits. Your snack should always be fruits as they boost your body’s metabolism due to the fiber content and complex vitamins.
  4. Keep your protein diversified. Instead of sticking to one protein shake, buy more types and mix and match them. Remember that diversified foods give the best results.
  5. Blend your meal shakes with ice instead of just shaking them up. Blended meal shake is yummier than simply just shaking them up. You can add almonds and coconut milk but make sure that you count the calories.
  6. You can add other ingredients to your meal shake like spinach. It’s packed with nutrient to help give your body additional boost. You can also choose to add yogurt to make it creamier. Yogurt is loaded with calcium, protein, potassium, zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. You can add cinnamon, it can help with inflammation and adds more flavor to your meal.

Replacing your regular meal plan with meal shakes is not the best thing to do. No meal shakes can take the place of a home-cooked food. However, meal replacement shakes are a good option when you have no time to prepare your meal and you are searching for an easy alternative to your regular meal plan on the HCG Diet. So, it would be best to keep your meal shakes for those busy days. There are meal replacement shakes available that’s HCG Diet friendly but if you can’t find one, then don’t compromise on the shakes and break off the protocol.

How does meal replacements shakes differ from protein shakes?

The notable difference between the meal replacement shakes and protein shakes are their ingredient.

Protein shakes:

  • Consist mostly from whey proteins with the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It’s designed as a supplement to balance the meal and not as a replacement.
  • It does not include sufficient carbs or fibers to give you more energy the way meal replacement shakes can.

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