Losing those Baby Weight with HCG Diet

Losing those Baby Weight with HCG Diet

Losing those baby weights after giving birth is quite challenging-but not with HCG diet! The HCG diet can be a great way for you to get back in shape after pregnancy. HCG diet is one of the best post-pregnancy weight loss options.

Some tips to help you lose those baby weights

  1. You can normally begin your weight loss challenge using the HCG diet after six weeks. Don’t be so fast…ONLY if you are NOT breastfeeding and you are not in any circumstances under medications. If you think six weeks will not work for you, you can do the HCG diet as soon as you are able.

If you are breastfeeding, dieting may not be a good idea. You will likely have to wait until such time your baby starts to take in solid foods. Dieting can cause some problems with your milk supply and energy levels.

  1. Remember that there are changes in your body that can’t simply be fixed by any diets. This includes you having a larger waistline, softer belly and wider hips. Just as with any other diets, do not expect that you’ll look exactly the same as how you used to look before giving birth.
  2. Those who were not overweight prior to pregnancy can easily lose their post-pregnancy weight. But those who were overweight will likely to take a longer time to get back on shape. However, do not be discouraged because HCG diet assures you that you can lose around 15- 30 pounds in just six weeks.
  3. Make sure that you’ll change your diet plan to lose the post-pregnancy weight. At all cost, avoid processed foods. Eat foods that omega-3 fatty acids rich and foods that high in nutrients. Examples of these foods are fatty fish, avocado, spinach quinoa and many more. These foods are all superfoods and are great weight loss foods. With HCG diet, your food choices are limited. You are only allowed to eat the HCG diet friendly foods. Your calorie intake is only limited to 500 calories per day.
  4. You can lose weight if you’re breastfeeding so you can add another 200 or 300 calories to your daily calorie intake. Just make it sure that you eat only foods that can make you lose weight at the same time are healthy for you and your baby. But remember, you can only do the HCG diet if you are not breastfeeding.

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