What Happens After You Lose Weight on the HCG Diet

What Happens After You Lose Weight on the HCG Diet

There are tons of benefits that you can get from shedding those pounds build-up- from having a healthier heart to feeling better in a bikini! However, have you ever wonder what actually happens to your body once you lose weight?

Here, we will reveal some awesome, unexpected things will happen once you shrink in size.

What you already know:

  1. You may run a bit on the cooler side

A shift in your body’s weight can cause a fluctuation in your hormone. If you have just lost 10 percent of your body’s weight, your thyroid hormone levels decrease this can make you feel a bit chilly all the time. You might end up opening your thermostat at home and closing all the windows in when you live in cold places. So, keep your cardigan handy all the time and bask in the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from taking care of your body.

  1. You’ll need new beauty regimen

When you lose weight even 10 pounds, your skin sags creating wrinkles so you’ll need new beauty regimens to fight back all these changes and bring the youthful glow of your skin back. You can apply plumping creams with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic to help fill in the wrinkles or a moisturizer with dimethicone, a light-reflecting pigment to minimize fine lines.

  1. You need to go shopping

This is perhaps one of the things that every dieter looks forward to- shopping! You’ll be delighted to upgrade your wardrobe to show off your new svelte figure and footsies. Yes, including footwear. Unexpected, right? I know you are looking forward to shopping for heels which you have never used to wear because you are heavy. So, get yourself ready to hit the mall for a riding boot, an adorable new pair of strappy sandals or sexy heels. Or buy all three! Anyway, you deserve them all.

  1. People will notice you more

People around you will look at you differently. You’ll be receiving compliments left and right. People around you will smile at you more and will nod at you when they see you.

  1. Much easier daily task

Your daily task will be much easier as you could move around easily. You’ll have much more energy. There will be less strain on your joints because you have lost weight which can make it easier for you to move around. When you are overweight, you’ve experienced more wear and tear over time which can lead to not just joint pain but also osteoarthritis.

  1. Your lower back pain can go away

Reduced weight could reduce if not totally eliminate lower back pain. Your lower back is another weight-bearing area of your body. Being overweight can increase the strain in your lower back but when you lose weight, the strain in your lower back is significantly reduced.

  1. You’ll be much happier

You’ll be much happier when you lose weight not because you have a new wardrobe or your sex life has improved but the positive effects of weight loss on your sleep and mood are long-term.

  1. Your risk of breast cancer decreases

Overweight and obesity are linked to breast cancer but losing weight can decrease that risk. Fat is the primary storage for estrogen. That means to say the more fat you have the more estrogen may be stored. High estrogen and androgen levels are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. 

What you don’t know:

  1. You’ll be getting better sleep

Your health issues will improve once you started losing weight. The same goes for your sleep quality. You will sleep more soundly, snored less and will wake up in the morning feeling more rested and ready for the day.

  1. Your wrinkles are more noticeable

Your face narrows and shows more detail when you lose weight. Fine lines and wrinkles become more visible but you can hide them with the right beauty regimens. This happens because the extra fats hide them but as you lose body fats, fine lines and wrinkles become prominent.

  1. You become sexually active

Your slimming down can spice things up in bed. When you’re overweight, your cortisol or the stress hormone is very high which can lead to a decrease in sexual interest. However, when you are slimmed down you become more focus instead of holding back during intimacy. You wouldn’t have to worry that your butt is huge or your belly looks gross. Shedding just a few pounds can bring sexy back. You’ll become more confident than ever and that comes across the bedroom.

  1. You’ll find out who your real friends are

Your relationship with your friend may change as your body does. When you are overweight, your friends can become very supportive of your idea to lose weight but once you bring back the sexy in you, some may resent you or be jealous.

  1. It will be easier to get pregnant

Overweight and obese women find it difficult to become pregnant. Overweight and obesity are linked to reduced fertility, irregular periods and increased risk of miscarriage. But losing weight can improve the regularity of periods, hormonal profile, ovulation, and pregnancy rates.

  1. You’ll need fewer medications

Being obese or overweight is linked to several health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other health issues. Health issues are not only life-threatening but, they are quite expensive as you have to take medications daily but when you lose weight you can completely reverse the situation. You can stop taking medications and you won’t be spending much.

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  • victoria

    I’m done with my HCG diet and lost 25 pounds. I feel well and hadn’t had any episode of an elevated blood pressure. Can I now stop my blood pressure medications?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Though it is common to get our blood pressure under control after losing weight, it is not advisable to stop any maintenance medication without the advice of your doctor. Your doctor knows your health history and will be able to thoroughly assess your current health status and make necessary adjustments to your medications. Consulting with your doctor would be your best option. Btw, congrats on your loses! =)

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