Life At The End the HCG Diet Journey

Life At The End the HCG Diet Journey

Is it really possible to maintain weight loss after the HCG Diet?

Congratulations! You have finally reached your weight loss goal! I know you are now ranged with so much emotion. You feel accomplished. You are excited about the future and perhaps a little bit nervous about what’s next to come. Technically, your diet is over. You have lost weight and you feel great but don’t downplay it. You have worked super hard to get to the end of the diet. So, now what?  Do you have any plans?

I know how much you wanted to go back to normal living but you are afraid that you’ll be gaining your weight back.  Right?

Are you really ready for a long-term change?

Ask yourself this question. Is it really a long-term change or just a short-term change? Unlike any other diets, the HCG Diet is different. It takes detailed food planning, proper scheduling, dedication and a lot of preparations. Getting into this diet without considering these steps can be a recipe for disaster. If you are not prepared for a long-term change, then there’s nothing preventing you from slipping back into your old habits and right back where you started.

Eating Healthily after the HCG Diet

Now you’re off the diet, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to eating. But, hey there, don’t get too excited and completely lose control. HCG Diet is like a ladder to healthy eating and healthier food choices. Allow yourself into more varieties of healthier food options. If you choose to add sugar and carbs back, do it slowly and sparingly. Be cautious with your calorie intake so you can stay on track. Everything must be in balance and moderation.

Preventing weight gain

The temptation is everywhere. The best thing that you can do to prevent gaining your weight back is to be prepared and to be cautious. You can have fun when you are at a party but be cautious. Don’t eat and drink too much. There’s always a way to enjoy your foods without letting go of yourself.

Keeping the weight off through exercise

You don’t have to be a hardcore cross fitter to stay healthy and to look great after the HCG Diet. True health is all about balance. Focus on something that makes you feel good and happy. It can be yoga, swimming, biking and walking.

Keep making wise choices. You simply cannot go back to your old habits and expect to stay at your new weight goal. Eat healthily, count your calories and stick to it for the rest of your life. If you slip up and you need to lose some again, don’t be afraid to do another round.


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