Is The HCG Injection Effective on the Second Round?

Is The HCG Injection Effective on the Second Round?

The HCG Diet is a very effective, safe and fast weight loss plan that has helped many dieters lose weight. During the diet, you are allowed to do a second, a third or fourth round if you haven’t lost much weight in the first round. The question is, is HCG injection still effective on the second round and the next round to follow?


Is the second round effective?

The answer is YES. The second round of the HCG Diet is safe and effective as the first round. If you haven’t reached your weight loss goal yet on your first try, you can still try it on the second time. As you progress through the second round, you will become more familiar with the protocol. You also have time to prepare and learn more about how to do the diet successfully.


Observing the 6-week break in between rounds


Preparing for your second round requires at least six weeks of break. This is to ensure the HCG isn’t present in your body anymore. The purpose of observing a 6-week break is to prevent your body from developing immunity to the hormone. If you skip this break and continue and continue with the second round prematurely, you will see no further loss. Due to your body developing resistance to the effects of the hormone, you won’t lose any more weight and your weight loss success will begin to decline.


Things to consider when doing the second or succeeding rounds


  • Every round of the HCG diet can be different from the other rounds.

It is not uncommon for dieters to achieve a great result in the first round, even if they do not adhere to the protocol in full. However, they do not achieve the same result in the second round.

  • Sometimes, dieters often take their diet for granted

Despite finding a diet that really works, some do not adhere to the protocol. Some even start their second round without fully committing to it. They will cheat, and they won’t think it matters “that much”. Despite the success of the HCG diet, cheating even a little can have disastrous success, especially when you’re nearing your goal weight.

  • There is a possibility that you won’t lose as much weight the second time around if you don’t really have that much weight to lose.

For instance, a person who needs to lose 35 pounds won’t lose 20 pounds in the first round and another 20 pound in the second round.


Preparing for the second round

  • Plan ahead: Create a meal plan and include the proper food portioning. Do your grocery shopping ahead before you start with the second round. Keep away from your old lifestyle and habits.
  • Make healthy food choices: Continue eating HCG diet allowed foods, vegetables, and protein choices. Aside from making healthy food choices, do not overindulge. Do not eat more than the requires calorie intake during the break.
  • Load properly: On your second-round loading days, load properly, so you can lose as much weight as the first round.

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