Perfect Technique Before Injecting Your hCG

Perfect Technique Before Injecting Your hCG

Tip #1 Inject only on one location

Stick with only one location unless you felt the following:

  • Extreme hunger

Injections can sometimes be the cause of your hungry. This is because it’s not given properly like trying to inject in an area that’s hard to reach. If this will happen, try changing your injection location. Most dieters do this and from their observations their hunger level went away after switching.

  • Pain in the injection area

 Change your injection site when you start to feel pain. It’s possibly due to scar tissue or there are no fats left in the injection area. What’s left is just excess skin.

Tip #2  Numb the injection area

Don’t panic about the possible pain from the needle. Use an ice to numb the area a bit before injecting. You can do this during the first few days of injection. But really, when you have plenty of stored fats down there, you won’t really feel any pain. The most that you can feel is a slight prick of the needle as it breaks into your skin.

Tip #3 Take precautionary measures

Since you’ll be dealing with needles in giving HCG, start by washing your hands with soap and water. Prepare the kit and make it sure that you’ve read the instructions well. Before injecting, clean the injection area with an alcohol swap then let it dry. After injecting, dispose of the syringe and needles properly.

Tip #4 Bruises, redness-What to do?

Bruises and redness can be annoying sometimes and painful too. But don’t worry because they are not life-threatening. And they do happen. You get bruises when you get too close to a blood vessel while injecting your hCG or you went through it with a needle. You’ll probably get a bruise when there are bleeding after you pull the needle out. What to do? Apply gentle pressure to stop the bleeding and to avoid having a small lump of blood under the skin. Even with a perfect technique of injecting your hCG, you’ll probably get redness and tingle on your skin. There is no way to know exactly where the nerves are. Again, you can apply some ice to help ease the tingling sensation and redness.

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