Importance of Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Importance of Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet is absolutely very important for a lot of reasons. After losing 20 to 30 pounds doing the 21 days or 46 days protocol, which is under very strict guidelines and direction, your body has to begin to adjust to normal calories.   Your body weight settles into its new, lower set point and is very volatile. So, it is very crucial that you need to keep your weight close to your ending weight during Phase 2. This is how you achieved STABILIZATION

What is stabilization?

One good reason for not jumping right into eating all that you want is to achieve stabilization. As soon as you step into this phase, your weight is very volatile. Without any restriction, you could end up getting back your original weight. Yes, there are still restrictions but only on the two categories: SUGAR and STARCHES. You need to avoid these two.

How to do the stabilization?

Before doing the stabilization, you need to pass through the transition period first. You will discontinue having your injections for 3days but you will still follow the 500 calorie diet. After the transition period, you may begin with P3 already. You will begin eating normal foods but you stay away from sugars and starches. This is because your body is not yet adjusted to sugar and starches. According to Dr. Simeon, it takes about 21 days for your weight to become stable and not fluctuate.  So, better keep sugars and starches out of the picture. You may start reintroducing back sugar and starches into your diet during the next phase. Eating them too early can cause huge fluctuation to your weight. Proper stabilization is needed so your body will not react by inducing a return in fats. Aim for whole foods, some fruit, proteins and lots of vegetables. Eat every time you are hungry but be mindful of your weight. Always remember the 2 pounds rule.

As HCG Phase 3 progresses, your weight will become stable as long as you follow the guidelines. Your first week can be volatile but it usually settles down by the second week. Eventually, your weight will stay around the same weight quite well. Once it happens, you can introduce carbs and sugars but in moderation. You may gradually eat them but you will find that you cannot have them every day.


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  • sharmaine

    Can I try to lose a few more pounds in this phase? I’ll be doing a second round anyway.

  • Jan Marie Luna

    No. Even if you would be doing another round, pushing yourself to lose more during P3 will sabotage your entire round. P3 is a beak for your body to adjust to the weight you’ve lost. Stabilize and finish phase 3 first before trying to lose more.

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