The Importance of Following the HCG Diet Protocol

The Importance of Following the HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG diet is perfect to kick-start your way into eating healthier, but it’s very specific. The diet requires you to follow and stick to the protocol to achieve the best possible results. No matter what methods you use, be as injection, drops, or pellet, it is very important to strictly follow the protocol when on the diet.

According to the protocol of Dr. Simeons, he emphasized following a specific diet to follow consisting of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. The foods he listed are very specific, and they are there for a reason. Your body can easily digest and metabolize them; hence you’ll spend more time burning the stored fats in your body rather than wasting time trying to digest those foods you are eating. The allowable foods are low in calories, low in carbs, fat free, and sugar-free.

What happens when you do not follow the protocol?

So, what happens when you don’t follow the protocol? Simple! If you don’t follow the protocol and stick with it, by all means, you won’t lose the maximum amount of weight during the diet, worse, you won’t be able to lose weight at all. If you lose, you won’t be able to keep it off for good.

Anytime you stray from the protocol, your weight loss can stall or slow down anywhere from 3 to 6 days. The only way you can get back on track is to do the apple day, drink plenty of water and stick with the protocol until your diet is done.

The HCG Diet has been around for decades and has helped many people lose weight for good. For this diet to work, you must follow the protocol carefully. It is best if you schedule your diet at a time when you have nothing going on to ensure your success. If you have lots of events to attend that require the gathering of people over foods, then it might not be the best time to start a diet. 

How to follow the HCG Diet protocol

Loading phase: This is the first part of the diet where you prepare your body for the weight loss phase. The loading phase lasts for 2 days. During this period, you need to eat high-fat and high-calorie foods like nuts, bacon, hamburger, and avocados. Stay away from high-carb, high-sugar foods like pizza, pasta, cakes, ice cream, and many more. You will also start with your first day of HCG injection during this phase.

Very low-calorie phase: Also known as the weight loss phase. Basically, this phase lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Here, you’ll restrict your calorie intake to only 500 calories a day. You’ll eat only the allowable foods listed for the second phase. Continue with your daily HCG shots.

Maintenance phase: Here, you’ll be eating normally, anywhere from 1500 to 2000 calories per day but still avoiding sugar and starches. This phase goes on for 3 weeks. Unlike the previous phases, you won’t be having your daily shots of HCG anymore.

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  • Camilla Turner

    Can I start another round after I complete the 3 weeks of maintenance?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Hi.. When doing multiple rounds, you will be needing breaks in between. The more rounds you’ll be doing, the longer the interval between them. The break between round 1 to round 2 is at least 6 weeks. That’s 3 weeks of phase 3 and 3 weeks of phase 4. Phase 4 is when you no longer have any strict food restrictions. Between Round 2 to round 3 is an 8-week break (3 weeks of P3 and 5 weeks of P4), round 3 to round 4 is a 12-week break, and so on.

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