Hunger on The HCG Diet

Hunger on The HCG Diet

Having a right dose of hCG is one of the most challenging aspects when on the diet. Most of the time, a dose between 125 IU-150IU is perfect. But the thing is, everyone is different. Most have gone through a period of trial and error just to find the right dose. Another thing is, over time, your dose can change because of the weight you were able to lose.

Why should you pay attention to your dose?

  1. First, if your dose is not right, you will feel too hungry on the diet. It’s going to be unbearable. At the same time, it is counterproductive to your weight loss goal. Being too hungry on the hcg diet can actually slow down your weight loss. Overtime again, you will give up.

It’s possible that your dose is too low or too high. So instead of losing weight, your body will hold onto fats and you won’t lose weight at all. Or you’ll either lose your muscles.

  1. When your dose is correct, you won’t feel too hungry. This is a good sign. It shows that your body is really using those abnormal fats as fuel and that you’re losing weight at a good rate.

Hunger level on hCG Diet

It’s normal though to feel hungry while on the hcg diet but not in pain. When you’re on the very low calorie diet you shouldn’t feel hungry most of the day. You may feel hunger before mealtimes but that’s totally normal and in time to take your next HCG meal. After that, you’re satisfied and you’re no longer hungry for many hours afterward.

Once you’re done eating your meal you won’t feel “full” or “stuffed”. This may take for a while for you to get used to the “not full feeling” rather than the “full” feeling. In the end, you may notice that it actually feels better and more comfortable.

Hungry during the first few days of 500 calorie diet

This is inevitable and it can be intimidating at first. Your being hungry indicates that your body needs more energy. Since you’re so used to doing this with high carbs, sugar and fats foods your body will still ask for it. But after few days your body and your brain will adjust to the effects of eating only 500 calories a day.

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