How Long Does HCG Stay in Your System After the HCG Diet?

How Long Does HCG Stay in Your System After the HCG Diet?

Usually, it takes 3 days or exactly 72 hours for HCG to clear out from your system after your last injection. If you are trying to take your HCG test, no worries because you won’t be tested positive. The dose use during the HCG diet is very tiny compared with the dose used in treating fertility issues.

Stabilization phase or Phase 3

The stabilization phase is as essential as the very-low-calorie diet phase and it should not be skipped. During this phase, your body adjusts to everyday eating in a smooth transition to the next phase. A number of great opportunities come into this phase. You’ll discover foods sensitives and lingering weight management issues.

It is during this phase where you will find that you’re afraid to eat. You are not sure what to eat because you knew that your weight will be volatile for a short period and that you must take special measures to stabilize it. But please do not panic because, just like other dieters, you can successfully complete this phase.

How to stabilize your weight?

In order to stabilize your weight, you discontinue the HCG injections for the last 72 hours of the weight loss phase. The 72- hour period begins exactly at the time of your last injection and not 3 days after your last dose.

During the last 72 hours, you continue to eat 500 calories a day. Now, why is this? Will you feel hungry eating only 500 calories per day for three days?

72 hours of no HCG injection

It takes 72 hours for HCG to leave your system after the diet is over. All traces of HCG will clear from your system by 72 hours after the last injection. It should be out of your body after your last injection before you start introducing larger food portions back into your diet. Why? When you consume more calories while there is still HCG in your body, you could gain weight.

Trust me, you won’t feel hungry during this 72-hour period of no injections. Because there is still a remnant of hormones left running in your system for a while. It won’t affect your metabolism nor your appetite.

How should I eat during the 72 hours of no injection?

During the 72 hours, follow the 500-calorie diet. The first 24 hours would be no different from any other day on a very-low-calorie diet. The next 24 hours will be similar to your skipped shot at the end of every week if you are following the 46-day protocol. You will notice that you are getting hungrier during the last 24 hours. The symptoms of true hunger will become apparent.

You do not need to increase your calorie intake for the first 48 hours. However, towards the tail end of the 72 hours, you will probably need to add calories about 200 to 500 calories. Make sure that fats and oils should be kept out of the picture and eat only phase 2 foods.

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