hCG Shot Before Bedtime

hCG Shot Before Bedtime

The HCG diet protocol requires you to inject the hormone in the morning. Morning injections can help you through the early part of your HCG diet, the VLCD. It is the most challenging part. The hormone will help you manage your hunger level throughout the day. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to have your HCG shot in the evening. The time you’ll have your HCG shot won’t affect how it works. As long as you will have it at regular intervals of 24 hours, there is nothing to worry. You won’t be having any issues at all with injecting before bedtime.

But in some cases, injecting HCG in the evening is not advised. There may be some unwanted but non-dangerous effect like sleeping problems. This can vary from person to person. Those who have their shot before bedtime experience insomnia due to increased energy level. Now if your sleeping problems persist you will have difficulties with phase 2 because of lower energy level.

Is it dangerous?

Taking hCG before bedtime is not dangerous in any way. But as much as possible avoid having your shot in the evening because of the potential sleep issues. As I’ve mentioned, it varies from person to person. Some do not experience sleep issues at all. In this case, they can have their shots in the evening if they want to. Some dieters may experience different results like not being hungry during the day. If you have had your shots at night time and you do not encounter any issues at all, continue having your shots in the evening.

It’s actually the amount of hormone you take that matters and not the time of the day. Proper dosage is very important. Most can do well with 125 IU a day. But do not exceed 200 IU in a 24 hours period. Do not inject more than the recommended hcg dosage. Injecting more than the recommended dose will not cause you to lose more weight. It will only make your diet difficult by making you hungrier. Eventually, you’ll end up cheating or worst stopping the diet.

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