HCG Dosage for Men

Does the HCG diet work for men? This is one of the most common questions asked in the HCG diet world. Although HCG is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy, it is completely safe for men to use. In fact, HCG is often prescribed to restore testosterone in men with fertility issues.

Just like in women, the HCG Diet is effective for men during weight loss. Men can get the same weight loss result as women. With the HCG diet, men can get fast results especially in the areas of the body that store stubborn fats. 

How the HCG Diet Works on Men

The HCG diet was created in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons. During his clinical trials, Dr. Simeons patients which include both men and women received a subcutaneous injection of the HCG hormone for 30 to 40 days. He found that the injection alone did not cause weight loss. However, if it’s used in combination with a very low-calorie diet, women lost an average of 25-40 pounds and men lost 35-47 pounds.

HCG Dosage for Men 

For most dieters, that includes men and women, a good starting point is 150iu. However, if you do not have much weight to lose, you can start at 125 iu. For men, they need as high as 200 iu dosage, but they need to find their sweet spot to no or limited hunger. If you have started at 150 iu, observe how you feel during the day. If you feel hungry, it’s either your dose is too high or too low. Hungry earlier in the day is a sign that your dose can be too high. While if you feel hungry towards the end of the day, your dose can be too low.

Now as you become leaner, gradually decrease your dose.

Where to inject? 

The injection site for men is just the same as the injection site for women. Here are the five areas in your body where you can inject:

  1. The abdominal area: This is the most recommended injection site, as most of the stubborn fats are in this area. To inject, take a pinch of the fat near the belly button but not too close to it and insert the needle.
  2. Hips: This is another injection site, the fat rolls that you carry around your side.
  3. Back of the arm: You can ask someone to inject in this area, or you put your arms on the table, roll it a bit to make the skin taut then inject.
  4. Outer thigh: The outer thigh is easy to locate. Simply put your hand above your knee width-wise, then put your other hand over the top of your leg. You can inject anywhere in the uncovered area.
  5. Buttocks: Just like the outer arm, you can ask someone to inject in this area.

The benefits of HCG diet on men

The HCG diet works by helping men lose inches around their hips, stomach, buttocks, and thigh. This diet combines the daily HCG injections along with a restricted calorie intake of around 500 calories per day. Furthermore, the HCG diet can decrease the appetite to a healthier level.  While letting you lost stubborn fats, the HCG diet preserves the lean muscle mass. 

In men, the HCG hormone has a desirable effect of increasing testosterone levels which can then boost lean muscle mass for increased metabolism. Together with a very low-calorie diet, you’ll see faster weight loss result and your body will become leaner.

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