Phase 2 of the HCG diet requires you to make a drastic change in your hcg diet. It limits you to only 500 calories per day. You can eat proteins in high amount and carbs in a lesser amount per serving. Aside from this, you can have your share of certain types of fruits and vegetables. And you have to measure your servings carefully.

  • What veggies can you eat in Phase 2?

Vegetable choices include leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce, beet greens and many others. Other veggies that you can stick with your hcg diet are tomatoes, celery, onion and many more. Check this article for the complete approved HCG food list and their serving sizes.

  • Preparing your veggie choices

Knowing how to prepare your veggies during P2 is very important. Preparation method includes grilling, gentle boiling and steaming. You can also eat the veggies raw for salads. But you have to be strict with the serving size. And be cautious not to mix the veggies at each meal.

  • Seasoning your veggies

HCG protocol recommends specific ways on how you can season your veggies during phase 2. You are not allowed to add extra fat to your food when cooking. When you have to sauté your onions to pile on your steak, use nonstick cooking surface.

Instead of using dressings and sauces, sprinkle your veggies with fresh lemon juice. Give it a dash of salt, garlic powder and pepper to get a bit more flavors. You can use other herbs and spices to season your veggies as long as it is an HCG approved herb and spices.

  • When to eat your veggies

Have one serving of low-calorie veggies of your choice per meal, one serving at lunch and one serving at dinner. Other components of your meal include 100 grams serving of meat, 3 grams of Melba toast or grissini stick and a cup of fruit. You can split your meals apart. For example, save some of the veggies from your lunch for an afternoon snack. The two servings of veggies per day won’t provide your body with all the minerals and vitamins you need. But they’ll add up some fibers and nutrients to your restricted hcg diet.

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