HCG Diet Tips on a Holiday

It’s a holiday season-a time for tons of celebrations here and there with friends, family and loved ones. There would be lots of parties, Christmas lunches and New Year’s Eve dinner. You would be tempted to overindulge with the wrong choice of foods and end up with unwanted pounds.

Dieting during the holidays can be pretty tough but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Now, since you are under the influence of the HCG hormone, we have some few smart tips for you to follow so you may prevent any unwanted weight gains this holiday season. This will also prevent you from cheating and weight plateaus.

  • Before heading out to the party prepare your snack so when you arrive you won’t get starve and eat anything on sight.
  • Watch what you drink. Stick with low alcohol drink or a soda with one shot of spirit with a lime or lemon. Some drinks at the cocktail party are laden with calories. Avoid all creamy cocktails. Do not forget to drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration. Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid any foods in creamy and heavy sauces.
  • Instead of using butter over sweet potatoes add a sprinkle of chopped pecan and some cinnamon.
  • For your side dishes, opt for high fiber filling options like fruits, veggies and whole grains.
  • Choose the leanest cut of meat like chicken and turkey. Remove excess fats before you put them in your mouth.
  • Do not scoop for a huge bowl of ice cream as your sweet treats instead go for a fresh plate of fruits then add up a scoop of ice cream.
  • Say NO to fried appetizers and dough-based finger foods that are being passed around for they really add up to weight gain that fast. Try to stick with vegetables and fresh fruits all the time. Avoid creamy deeps instead go for yogurt or fat-free sour cream with some lemon.
  • Don’t lose sight of your goal.
  • If you really end up cheating on a holiday party don’t give up. Keep going. Just remember why you started the diet in the first place and be motivated all the time.

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  • Sarah Alexander

    Is it alright to drink alcoholic beverages during the loading phase?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Yes, you can have alcohol during the first 2 days of your HCG injections (Phase 1, Loading Phase). Though you need to make sure that you are still eating a lot of fatty foods along with the alcohol because it is the fats that would help you go through the first few days of the diet part comfortably.

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