Hitting a plateau in your weight loss journey is very common. And when it happens, you just can’t imagine how frustrating it can be especially if you’ve been losing weight for several days or even weeks.

But what is really an HCG diet stall?

It’s like when you travel and suddenly your car’s engine stops all of a sudden. But we’re not talking about cars or an airplane here. We are talking about your body.

According to Dr. Simeons, in his book Pounds and Inches, he describes an interruption of weight loss as a plateau. He states that plateaus, others like to call it as “stall”, can last up to six days. But usually, it will correct itself.

Six days is short but if you’re used to losing weight on a daily basis it may seem like an eternity. You will soon get discouraged and angry. You will be scared thinking that the protocol is not working. The hcg diet is not right for you. You begin to think that you are no longer able to lose weight once you’ve hit a plateau. You’ll get frustrated enough to cheat on the diet or even worst, to quit.

Is there a way to break up a stall?

There are actually several ways that you can do once you’ve hit a plateau. There are stall breakers that will help you get back on track. One popular stall breaker is Apple Day. Another stall breaker that you can try if you don’t feel like eating 6 large apples the whole day is the Mini-Steak Day. After doing a stall breaker, your weight loss should resume.

When you hit a plateau, the first thing that you need to do is to be sure that you are perfect on hcg protocol.

  • Be sure that you eat only the approved HCG diet foods for P2.
  • Be sure that your protein portion is exactly 100 grams per serving.
  • Be sure that you have double checked all ingredients in everything that you eat. NO FATS!
  • Be certain that you drink enough water.
  • Double check all your products including lotions, shampoos and toothpaste. Avoid using products that are oil-based.
  • Stop mixing your veggies.
  • Stop eating outside of the protocol.

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