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Worrying about not reaching your goal weight? Then do a second round or a third or fourth round! It’s not ideal at all to aim for a maximum number of pounds in just one round. So, you can always do another round safely if you haven’t reached your weight loss goal or if you did not lose enough weight during your first attempt. The HCG hormone is an all-natural hormone, therefore making it safe and effective if you decide to do a second, third or even a fourth round. You can try as many rounds as you can on the HCG Diet with minimal to no side effects at all. You can try many rounds as long as you observe a break in between each round. How long to wait before doing a second round? Waiting time is very important before you jump right into the second round to get that sexy beach body thing faster. Waiting time or “breaks in between each round” is part of the HCG Diet protocol that you should not miss. You can’t past the 46 days or 23 days in a row.

You need at least a 6 weeks break. When the dieting part is complete, anywhere from a minimum of 23 days to a maximum of 46 days, proceed with the maintenance phase or the lock-in period of 3 weeks. After completing phase 3, you must wait for a minimum of 6 weeks before proceeding to the second round.

Your second round will be an open door for you to become more familiar with the diet protocols. It will be as effective as your first round and you can lose just as much weight as you did the first time if not more. It will also be easier for you since you are more familiar with the requirements and the protocol. Just keep in mind that the closer you are to getting into your weight loss goal, the tougher it will be for the pounds to shed.

Why take a break before the second round?

Skipping this important break and starting the next round prematurely will do no good to your diet. You will see no further weight loss and your weight loss success will start to decrease because your body has developed immunity to the effects of the hormone. When you take a break before doing the second round, you make sure your body is free from HCG. This also gives your body time to rejuvenate which is great for weight loss.

What to do during the break?

During the break continue to do the following:

  • Eat healthily– Eat healthy food during this break. Continue with the healthy eating pattern that you have established during the P2 and P3. Do not go overboard by eating more than the required calorie during the break or by going back to your old unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Avoid temptations- Temptations can make it difficult for you to transition back to a very low calorie diet. You will only be in the best shape in making your transition to the 500 calorie diet on the next round if you are consuming a diet of mostly veggies, fruits and lean meat.
  • Exercise– Increase the time of your light exercises during the break to make sure you are still burning extra calories and keeping stress off. Do not do strenuous exercises as it can cause weight gain and stress. If you haven’t started any exercise plan, it’s a good idea to start one during your break.
  • Plan ahead– Create a meal plan during your break. Make your grocery shopping before you finally start your round 2.
  • Avoid using oil-based cosmetics– Avoid using cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers that are oil-based as this can cause you to gain weight during the break. If you have started introducing oil-based products back into your lifestyle, then stop.

Breaks for Multiple Rounds

When you want to do multiple rounds, your break must be lengthened each time.

  • Round 1 to round 2:       6 weeks break
  • Round 2 to round 3:       8 weeks break
  • Round 3 to round 4:       10 weeks break
  • Round 4 to round 5:       12 weeks break

For every successive round, 2 weeks is added. The number of rounds you make depends on the amount of fats you want to shed. If you are looking to lose more than 32 pounds you are recommended to do more than one round. However, if you do not have much weight to lose, 15 pounds or less, one round is enough to do the magic.

It is possible to lose 100 pounds safely with the HCG Diet as long as you follow the protocol properly. If you follow the breaks in between rounds, your weight loss will be much higher on average than most but if you will not observe break before proceeding to the second round, you will build immunity to the hormone making it less effective on your body anymore.

Resetting your metabolism

You will need multiple rounds to reset your metabolism. One round can certainly go a long way but it’s not enough to reset your metabolism. Doing multiple rounds on the HCG Diet is more effective in shedding those pounds and inches away and in resetting your metabolism. Every time you try an HCG Diet round, you get a metabolic boost that usually lasts longer. You will find that it easier for you to maintain a normal weight the more rounds you try.

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