HCG Diet Tips for Making Every Phase More Enjoyable and Productive

HCG Diet Tips for Making Every Phase More Enjoyable and Productive

Phase 1 Tips

This phase is known as the “loading phase”. This is the beginning of your weight loss journey with the HCG Diet. You load for two days, eating as many calorie-dense foods.

  • Here, you eat while you can, but you avoid overeating. Your goal here is to eat as much as you can to max out your fat storage. You start having your HCG injections on the first day and simply enjoy all the calorie-dense foods.
  • Loading for two days will stimulate the hypothalamus to trigger the hormones that are needed for weight loss.
  • A very important tip- DO NOT skip this phase.
  • Gorge on high-fat, high-carb foods such as:
    • Meat-bacon, hamburger, sausage
    • Avocados, nuts, guacamole
    • Bread like hot dog buns, bagels
    • Cheese, cream cheese, butter, milkshakes, and heavy cream
    • Rich dressings like mayonnaise

Phase 2 tips

It goes by the names like “500-calorie diet phase”, “very low-calorie diet phase” or the “weight loss phase”. This phase is the hardest part of the HCG Diet. Your calorie intake is limited to only 500 calories a day with limited food choices.

  • Staying motivated throughout the diet by yourself can be difficult. For fun and productive diet, do it with your friends or a diet buddy. If you have someone with you through your diet, you’ll be more likely to succeed. To make cooking easier, you can alternate cooking nights with a friend. Also, having someone to keep you motivated and optimistic while you undergo the toughest parts of a diet is very beneficial. This will make the diet more enjoyable, and you might even make it a bit of a friendly competition to see who loses the most weight and keeps it up the best.
  • Another tip for a fun and productive diet is to avoid stress and negative emotions. Whether it’s work or school-related, once you are facing a stressful situation, you tend to overeat. Avoid anything that causes stress or perhaps approach a stressful situation with a rational mind. If you can avoid stress, look for a healthier way to deal with it rather than indulging in foods.
  • Stay motivated and set an inspiration. Have a goal picture and use an old picture of yourself for comparison.
  • Keep yourself busy. Read books, take a walk outside, pick a new hobby or anything that will keep your mind occupied and away from food. You can also reorganize your pantry, clear all the crap to keep yourself busy.

Phase 3 tips

Phase 3 of the HCG diet is very critical to your long-term weight loss success. Phase 3 is the maintenance phase. Here you should be able to maintain your weight loss, avoid weight gain, and stall breaker when done properly. For fun and productive phase 3, follow these tips:

  • Look at the brighter side. Be happy and proud no matter how much or less you’ve lost weight. Keep in mind that weight loss is a long process, and it takes time and effort. If you have not lost so much, you can always do a second round.
  • Be active. Make exercise more fun and enjoyable. Try engaging in fun and rigorous activities like biking, wall climbing, and Zumba.

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