HCG Diet Phase 1: Clean loading for HCG Diet

Clean loading for HCG Diet

What is the traditional way of loading for HCG Diet?

Loading the traditional way is eating whatever you like. That includes fries, burgers donuts, oh so delicious cakes and ice creams.

What is clean loading for HCG Diet?

Clean loading or low carb loading is loading WELL on FATS, proteins and low carb veggies instead of sugars and carb.

During HCG loading phase many dieters do not load properly. They find it counter-productive. Why add pounds if the goal is to lose weight?

Wrong! Way wrong. The loading phase is a crucial step. It may sound counter-productive gorging on fats but it is extremely important in the HCG Diet. Gorging on high-fat food will actually jump start your hcg diet. The fats will provide you with a reserve calorie to sustain you during your VLCD. Proper loading will also prevent your body from starvation.

Loading during HCG Diet has to be healthy. Although eating a bunch of junks won’t really hurt you but it’s not the ideal way to do it. Eating unhealthy foods during loading days can cause metabolic issues. It might also take your body longer to react to the HCG hormone. So, stick to clean sources of fats. It will make your diet with HCG easier. It will also make your transition to approved healthy HCG foods naturally.

Foods to eat when loading clean:

  • Meats like chicken thigh and skin on, lamb chops, pork chops, bacon
  • Olive oil, coconut oil, mayonnaise, butter, cheese
  • Low carb veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, snow peas, sour cream

Foods to avoid when loading clean:

  • Sweets like cakes, ice cream, chocolates, energy bars
  • Muffins, biscuits, pie, pizza
  • Potatoes- French fries, bread, rice, oats, yams,
  • Carb-rich fruits like apples, grapefruits, mango, banana, peaches
  • Carb-rich veggies

Why choose clean loading?

  • It will prevent you from slipping up to your cravings during and after the hcg diet. HCG diet is not all about losing weight. You are also trying to change your appetites for food and your metabolism. It’s important that you develop the right eating habit. Most hcg dieters who choose to load clean don’t crave for junks after finishing with round one of HCG.
  • You can get into Ketosis mode (fat burning mode) sooner. This is where your stored fat is utilized as a main source of fuel through the hormone. By loading clean, your body can go into ketosis sooner which will give your hcg diet a head start.

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