HCG Diet on Holiday Season?

HCG Diet on Holiday Season?

HCG Diet over the holiday, why not? You probably are wondering now how you can control yourself over the holiday with all the holiday parties. Holiday parties always include a lot of food. Most people will make the HCG Diet as their New Year’s resolution. However, if you are truly dedicated and serious in losing weight then why wait after the holiday to do the HCG Diet? Why not start now? Remember that the HCG Diet can help you lose a pound or two each day, then, when New Year comes, you will probably welcome the New Year in a much smaller size which is a beautiful thing to celebrate. 

Reasons why you should consider doing the HCG Diet over this holiday

  • Proving dedication 

Doing the HCG Diet over the holiday shows real dedication. During this crucial time, you’re serious about shedding unwanted pounds and leaving a healthier life. Dieting over the holidays is a way to reaffirm your dedication and prove to yourself that you have the willpower and self-control to lose weight at any time of the year. Losing unwanted pounds and inches off your body is a real morale booster and supplies a great of an accomplishment. 

  • A jump start on your New Year’s resolution 

Losing weight is statistically the most widely used resolution for the New Year. When you start your diet during the holiday season, then you are 1 giant step ahead of all of them. You’ve got to get a jump on your weight loss goals. While every one of them is thinking of starting a diet, you’ll already be down that road. Naturally, everyone will notice how great you’ll look, and they will want to know exactly how you did it. You can even help your friends and family do the same by providing them knowledge about the HCG Diet.  

  • Learning self-control 

Starting your diet this holiday season will teach you self-control. However, if you were to start the diet, you should be at least a few weeks into the program already so when Christmas comes, you will be able to have better self-control. You’ll be able to have a meal in a proper portion size. Though learning self-control may sound easy it’s quite challenging for it requires physical and mental discipline. 

With self-control, you will not be tempted to eat more foods. This means you don’t overeat as you perfectly know it will affect your weight loss.  

  • Achieving the ideal size by swimsuit season 

It’s your choice when you want to start doing the HCG Diet but if your goal is to achieve an ideal size for the swimsuit season, then you might want to consider doing the diet now. By the time summer rolls around, you will likely be at your target weight.  

When to start the hcg diet?

It’s all about planning. Start your loading days over the food-based holiday such as Thanksgiving where you can enjoy the festivities while indulging in high-fat high-calorie foods. If you will start the HCG Diet on a Thanksgiving, then you can transition into the second phase for almost four weeks before New Year’s Eve. Before the New Year’s Eve, you’ll be able to shed a considerable amount of weight, so you’ll look slender and elegant in your holiday outfit for Christmas.

When New Year comes, you’ll be entering Phase three or the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet where you can gradually increase your food choices and the calories. You can truly celebrate the New Year with a bit more food and a healthier, slimmer physique.

The holiday season is a great way to start losing weight and maintain your health. You will not have to worry about not fitting into your clothes. Why wait- don’t let the festivities come in the way of your weight loss. Start your diet over the holiday.

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  • Elsie Cooper

    Can turkey be taken during P2? I will still be on phase 2 when the holidays come.

  • Jan Marie Luna

    No, turkey is not allowed during the phase 2 of the HCG diet. There are, however, some dieters that do not follow the original HCG diet and have eaten turkey for their protein portion, yet have still lost weight as much as those following the original protocol. If you really want to eat the turkey, keep track how your body and weight reacts to it so you could determine whether or not it is safe to continue eating it.

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