HCG Diet: Keeping your New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthier

HCG Diet: Keeping your New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthier

New Year’s Day always gets the year off to a good start by offering the chance to hit the “reset” button on your habits. It’s also the best time of the year when you can reflect on your current patterns of living and set off to work on living more healthily over the next twelve months.

But just two months into the new year, you’re probably already running out of steam on most resolutions. And one of the easiest ones you could skip (again) is the resolution to shed some weight.

Start the new year right by taking action today to make your weight-loss goal a reality with the HCG Diet. The following tips can help you get on the right track and put you in the driving seat to get those New Year’s resolutions sorted in the New Year.

  1. Set realistic and manageable goals: Most dieters tend to make unrealistic goals when they make their New Year’s resolutions. Most jump in too hard and too fast only to find out that they can’t keep up with their goals.

 An “all-or-nothing” attitude often results in unreasonable goals that are easy on the mind. However, when you consider the reality of incorporating these goals into your daily schedule, you have to think about them more carefully.

  • Make healthier choices: Eating two pieces of fruits each day, walking at least 30 minutes every day, or simply carrying a bottle of water to work to keep you hydrated are just some small but achievable goals you can make for this coming year. These healthier and smarter choices don’t require you to give up who you are and don’t cost anything. It’s just a few changes that will help you to maintain your weight loss after all your hard work to achieve it.
  • Have a plan: If you want to lose weight then have a perfect plan. Choose the perfect diet program that works for you like the HCG Diet. A plan will help you kick start your January. Preparation is the key. You will have everything set in place and understand exactly what you will be doing. What are your choices? Write them down in detail. Why? The more you write out your goals and the steps needed to achieve them, the more likely they become “real” in your mind.
  • One at a time: Take on one resolution at a time. Don’t move on to another resolution until the first one is complete or you’ve gotten in the habit of doing what you need to do.
  •  Track your results: Write them down, take a selfie. Celebrate small successes along the way. If your goal is to lose around 15 pounds, reward yourself after losing 5 pounds.
  • Get everything ready: Whatever diet program you may choose planning is the key. If you choose to do the HCG Diet, get everything ready. Set a date when you decide to begin with your diet. Make a list of all the allowable foods and write them down. Practice cooking for HCG diet-friendly menu before your diet.
  • Enjoy your diet: The HCG Diet is a one-step at a time diet program. So, you’ve got to have all that patience to reach your goal. Bee good to yourself and enjoy the ride.

Set your resolution in action

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, set a realistic and manageable goal. Do whatever it takes to take achieve your goal. If you plan to do the HCG Diet, then follow the protocols properly. Anyway, the plan is just a couple of days only. Do not cheat.  Eat only the allowable foods during the diet and avoid all forms of oils. You may also incorporate light exercises into your diet.

Track your progress and celebrate any success you see but do it according to the protocol. Do not celebrate over foods. Go shopping for smaller size clothes or pamper yourself in a spa with your friends.

Happy New Year!

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  • Hester Jones

    I’m at P3 and have been vomiting frequently the past 3 days because I had a severe migraine. Thus I lost about 3 pounds when I am supposed to stay within 2 pounds from my last injection weight. Do I count the losses or should I just ignore it?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Hi Hester! You could simply ignore it since you will just be gaining back the weight once you are hydrated again. Hope your migraine is now under control. Happy Holidays!

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