HCG Diet: Injections versus drops

HCG Diet: Injections versus drops

Anyone beginning the HCG Diet does not actually know the benefits and differences of using the HCG injection versus the HCG drops when trying to lose weight. There are pros and cons to using both. Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget, lifestyle and what makes you more comfortable and not stressed out.

How the HCG injections and HCG drops work?

Both the HCG injections and drops are made with natural ingredients making them one of the best weight loss products in the market. Both works with the same principles in the body and that is to enable weight loss faster. When you use the HCG injection or the drop to lose weight, both will suppress your appetite and improve your metabolism by burning excess fat as a source of fuel.  When you use either of the two, there won’t be any need for you to go to the gym or train excessively compared with other weight loss programs. You’ll be able to lose weight faster with little to no side effects at all. You will be able to redefine your health easily when you use either of the product.

What should you know about HCG injections versus HCG drops?

  1. HCG injection

HCG injection is the most authentic and very effective method of giving HCG. Since most of the studies about the HCG diet have been performed using the injection, it’s better to use them when you can. You will see faster weight loss results compared with the HCG drop because the hormone is directly injected in the fat cells and into the bloodstream. Unlike the drops, the hormone released into the bloodstream is gradual. You only need to have one shot a day usually done in the morning before breakfast.

  • HCG drops

HCG drop is usually taken sublingually or underneath the tongue to allow it to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It works similarly with the HG injection by stimulating the brain’s hypothalamus to induce the release of stored fats in the body. You place the drop under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. The number of doses, however, is amplified three times a day, unlike the injection type.

It is as effective as the injection as long as you take the recommended amount and as long as you are using the prescription pharmaceutical-grade HCG drops. In fact, a lot of people have been successful in losing weight and keeping the weight off using the HCG drop. It’s simple and easy to use because you take it orally. It’s more affordable that people of all living standards can afford.

Why should you consider using the HCG injections?

  1. Dosage adjustments are more reliable: You won’t be having trouble worrying how much IUs to adjust to fix any hunger issues.
  2. Exact dose into your blood stream: When you take the drop some get directly into your bloodstream but some may get lost to swallowing and just getting broken down during digestions. When you use the HCG injection, you are sure of the exact dose being absorbed into your system.
  3. The oral dose can get fussy: You need to take 3 doses a day. You can’t drink or eat anything 30 minutes before and after taking your dose. Add up your busy stressful schedule making it even more difficult and complicated.
  4. HCG injection yields 100% absorption: You are sure of the result of the injection yields. You are getting a full dose so you’re system gets the proper dose all the time.

Listed comparison between HCG injection and HCG drop

 HCG InjectionHCG Drops
AdministrationInjected below the skin using an insulin syringePlaced under the tongue for 30 seconds
Side effectsOn rare occasion can cause mild discomfort and swell on the injection siteNo known side effects due to very low HCG content
CostModerately expensive but effectiveLess expensive but not beneficial
SecurityItching and swelling on the injection site if not cleaned.Since it is sublingual then there’s no danger of infection.
RefrigerationRequires refrigerationNo need to refrigerate
Presence of a physicianAs long as proper information is given then there is no need for a physician.As long as proper information is given then there is no need for a physician.
PrecautionsNo prescription needed when you purchase online.  Prescription drop is as effective as the injection one. Drops are ready for use.
LongevityMust be stored properly Has expiration datesMust be stored properly Has expiration dates

Whether you are using the HCG injection or the HCG drop, the most important thing to consider is you are using the pharmaceutical grade HCG. The only way to guarantee your hormone works is to use the right product. If you choose the non-pharma-grade HCG, you won’t get the result you’re expecting, you’ll run the risk of experiencing side effects or worse health problems plus you’ll only be wasting your money for nothing.

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    I have very poor loses right now with my HCG drops and am planning to switch to injections. I would like to know how to do it. Should I skip a day before switching to the injections?

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    Jan Marie Luna

    You could definitely do a switch. Switching from drops to injections is easier than the other way around. When switching, you do not need to skip a day. You can immediately switch to injections the next morning.

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HCG Diet: Injections versus drops

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