HCG Diet For Above 60 Years of Age

HCG Diet For Above 60 Years of Age

Is the HCG Diet ideal for elderly obese people? This is one of the most recent questions asked on the HCG Diet. The answer is YES. The HCG Diet is ideal for those over 60+ years. Dieters over the age of sixty do well on the HCG Diet. In fact, there are already several testimonials found on various HCG Diet websites regarding dieters over 60+ both male and female who do well on the diet. The hormone works wonder in their system by increasing the metabolism with minimal to no side effects at all.

Age and metabolism

“As you age, you can’t eat like your younger self”, is sad but true. Metabolism changes over time so do losing weight and this is a fact. Losing weight gets harder and harder with aging because your metabolism slows down. This can make it easier for you to add a few pounds and harder to lose them. What was once easy in the early 20s, 30s, and 40s is much more difficult at the age of 60.

Your metabolism declines very slowly in your 30s and 40s but what makes you gain weight during this time is your lifestyle such as physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. You can keep your metabolism working faster and longer by being physically active, having a good diet and maintaining a muscle mass.

Age and muscle mass

As you age, you also lose muscle mass. You lose an average of 3-8% of muscle each decade after 30. Once you reach 80, you have roughly 30% less muscle than when you were 20. This alters how much energy your body burns. The growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland, which stimulates cell growth and builds muscle mass decreases. Your body can’t make or maintain muscle which affects how efficiently your body breaks down the calories.

HCG burns belly fat and helps boosts metabolism after age 60

At age 50, your body’s physique starts to alter as body fat migrates from the bottom and upper thigh to form a mass around the belly. This happens to males and females. It’s an inevitable process that happens in your body as you get older- a body fat redistribution that you can’t stand and is beyond your control. Combined with a low-calorie diet, lifestyle change and HCG hormone to helps boost your metabolism, you can burn those fats around your belly, thigh and upper arms due to the inevitable process of fat redistribution and slowed metabolism.

For individuals trying to lose weight at 40, eating a low carb diet can greatly help. Consuming a low amount of carb can decrease the level of insulin in the body so it can burn extra fat and use it as a source of energy. However, weight loss can be achieve faster and more efficient when combined with the HCG hormone to increase metabolism.

How to prevent metabolism from slowing down with age

  • Get plenty of sleep– This can reverse the effect of a slowed metabolism. Getting at least 12 hours of goodnight sleep can help restore metabolism while getting only 4 hours of sleep can decrease metabolism by 2.6%.
  • Eat plenty of protein-rich foods– Helps fight a slowing metabolism. A diet rich in protein helps boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day.
  • Try resistance training– It’s great for preventing a slowing metabolism and preserving muscle mass.
  • Get enough calories-Do not skip meals in the hope of losing more weight. Not having enough calories can negatively impact your metabolism so your body will conserve energy instead of burning them.
  • Reduce stress– Stress can cause the body to produce more stress hormones than usual. Abnormal stress hormone levels can lead to eating disorders which can disrupt your metabolism.


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  • Jyn Green

    Is there a decrease in the average weight lose we can get from the HCG diet as we get old?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Loses for the general population had been reported to have a similar range of 0.5-1 lbs per day both from the young ones and from the elderly. You will continue losing weight depending on your abnormal fats in the body and not because of age. Thus, both the young and the elderly will be able to make the most from their HCG journey.

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