HCG Diet Eating Out Tips

HCG Diet Eating Out Tips

Before you embark on the HCG diet it is extremely important to check your calendar for big events like parties and wedding so you can start with your weight loss journey before or after the events. But you don’t have to give up totally your social life just because you want to lose weight. You choose to be healthy so make healthy choices too.

Here are 10 tips for eating out on the HCG diet.

  1. Plan ahead for what you want to order. You can Google for the restaurant’s menu option before you dine out.
  2. When you spy nothing that fits into your protocol ask them to make you something. Use your voice.
  3. Choose water, tea or sparkling water. Nothing can clean and hydrates your body like water does.
  4. Stay away from dips or any carbs to nibble. They are all full of calories so it’s a BIG NO.
  5. Potion your food. When you order your meal ask for a separate plate and a to-go box. Anything that you order that is not within your portion size, pack it away for your next meal.
  6. Avoid sugary desserts. Go for something refreshing like healthy smoothies.
  7. See to it that there is something green on your plate. Opt for Arugula, spinach, etc. rather than iceberg. Make sure that you eat the green ones first because they offer many nutrients needed by your body.
  8. Avoid foods loaded with heavy cream and cheese like pasta.
  9. Eat slowly. Savor every mouthful. Remember that your chosen meal will energize and nourish your body and will help keep you on the track.
  10. Have tea as you after dinner “treat” instead of breaking into a piece of chocolate cake.

You may want to come back after your round is over. Have whatever you like. But after your round is over, you can see the difference…

  1. Once you’ve been eating healthy foods for several weeks you won’t want what you were once craving for.
  2. If you want something that is not allowed in Phase 2 of the HCG Diet but is allowed on Phase 3 and 4, go ahead and enjoy. Just be mindful of the portion sizes.

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