HCG Diet: Eating on the Go – Eating Out

Eating out while on P2 of the HCG diet can be a frightful experience. I would love to tell you NOT to go out and just cook your meals. But it doesn’t always work like that especially when we have a busy day. It is difficult to avoid eating out due to “Life”. But try to avoid eating out for the first couple of weeks of your HCG diet.

Here are some ways on how you can stay close to the program and still be able to eat out and on the go.

HCG diet eating on the go

If you have to eat on the go, grab a grilled chicken salad with some lemon wedges. You can easily separate the croutons because it comes separately. Hold the cheese and add onions and tomatoes. Use the lemon instead of dressing.

HCG diet eating out

Most restaurants offer large portion that you can make two meals out of it. Probably after few weeks, you can judge the proper meal size without actually using the kitchen scale.

Option 1:

Go for a green salad with grilled chicken and lemon wedges. You can use the lemon as your dressing.


Order the “vegetable of the day” for your dinner with grilled chicken, steak or fish. But again, be careful with the portion size with both options.

Option 3:

The smaller portion of the kid’s menu can also be your ticket for an appropriate HCG meal. Choose a menu with vegetables and lean meat.

Remember: When you go off your hcg diet plan and eat more carbs and fats you will notice a difference in your results. You will lose weight but your progress can be slow. So stay close to the protocol.

 Additional Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do ask questions like if the meat is penetrated with any oil or marinade. In this way, it will keep you from having surprises at the scale the next morning.
  • Do bring Stevia sweetener packets and your own salad dressing with you.


  • Do ask questions like if the meat marinade has oil. In this way, it will keep you from having surprises at the scale the next morning.
  • Do not go to a place where you’ll be tempted to eat chips or bread on the table.

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