HCG Diet Apple Day

There are times you plateau for a few days while you are in phase 2 of your HCG diet. Plateau happens when you haven’t lost weight for 3 or more days on the program. Your body can naturally correct the plateau over time but there are ways to speed up the process. And that is by having the “Apple Day”.

What is apple day on the HCG Diet?

If you are struggling to lose weight while on the program, an Apple day will help you jumpstart your metabolism. From noon one day to noon the following day, you eat 6 apples and nothing else.

What is the purpose?

According to Dr. Simeon, the main purpose of apple day is not actually for faster weight loss but-

  1. To remove extra water weight in the body
  2. Psychological factor-a sort of mental-balance to make up for the frustrations and discouragement over not losing weight for a couple of days.

When to do the Apple Day?

The Apple Day should be done when your weight has been stuck for at least four days according to Dr. Simeons. It should never be done a day when you skip your hcg injection dosage like when you stop having your injections due to your period.

How do you do the apple day?

Apple day starts at lunch and continues until snacks before lunch the next day. You can have 6 large apples and eat one whenever you feel the desire to eat. But do not eat anything or drink anything except for water. And when you drink water, drink just enough to quench your thirst. On your apple day, you will still continue with your HCG injection. Most HCG dieters are quite happy with their 6 apples and don’t need water anymore. Your apple day will produce a satisfactory weight loss the following day due to the elimination of water.

Apple day example

Lunch: Red apple

Snack: Green apple

Dinner: Baked apple

Breakfast: Red apple

Snack: Green apple

Lunch: Back to your regular 500 calories but eats only your protein and vegetable choices because you had your fruit portion already.

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