HCG Diet After the Holiday Season: Why Not?

The holiday season is over and you are left with tons of questions on how to get back in shape after all those holiday parties and foods. Many HCG dieters embark on dieting after the holiday season is over. In fact, they make their HCG diet plan as part of their new year’s resolution. However, if you are truly dedicated, why wait until the holiday is over? You can start right before the holiday so you can welcome the holiday in a much smaller size which is a beautiful thing to celebrate.

Weight Loss after the Holiday Proves Dedication

Losing weight with HCG diet after the holiday needs real dedication. Shedding those unwanted pounds on such a crucial time only means that you are serious about leading a healthier life. It is also a way for you to reaffirm your dedication and that you wanted to prove to yourself that you have that will-power and self-control in losing weight at any time of the year.

Overcoming Plateaus after the Holiday

A weight loss plateau during the holiday is a common thing for all HCG dieters. Even if you stumble and hit a weight loss plateau after holiday parties and foods do not be despair. There are certainly ways to break a plateau. Embark on the HCG diet right away and don’t wait for another day. If you took shorter than a 10-days break, resume with your diet right away. However, if you took more than 10 days, you need to reload back for 3 days before you start having your shot of the hormone and eating only 500 calories every day.

You can try this plan below:

Start Phase one of the HCG Diet on November.  It’s all about planning.  Start reloading on a food-based holiday like the Thanksgiving. During this phase, you can enjoy the festival indulging over high-fat foods. It’s good to start your diet off. After the 3 loading days, you can transition into the second phase of the HCG Diet. Here, you’ll spend about 4 weeks losing weight just in time for the New Year’s Eve. By the end of December, you have already lost a considerable amount of weight and you will look fabulous in your holiday outfit for the Christmas.

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  • Dawn Rogers

    I’m planning to follow the suggestion above and start the diet on November so I’ll have ample time to prepare. How much weight could I possibly lose doing this diet for a month?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Everyone responds differently to this diet. Therefore exact amount of loses cannot be guaranteed. However, for the general population, doing the HCG Diet for a month lets them lose approximately 15-20 lbs.

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