HCG Diet Dictionary: Terms and Meaning

HCG Terms and Meaning

1 ml: 1cc on a syringe

3.5 ounces: 100 grams

ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar, sometimes used by HCG dieters to enhance their weight loss.

Apple day: This is a stall breaker in phase 2 of the HCG diet. During apple day, a hcg dieter consumes 6 apples in a day without eating anything at all.

Bac Water: Also known as bacteriostatic water. It is typically used for mixing the HCG hormone for injection

Cali-Kicker: A combination of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water. You can use Cali-kicker during Phase 2 to burn more calories.

Egg Day: This is a phase 3 correction days. During egg day, you can eat up to a dozen of eggs in a day.

Fage Day: This is a phase 3 correction day where you can eat only free Greek yogurts all day long. Some also use Fage day during their phase 2 of HCG diet.

Gorging: Binging or loading

hCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

IM/ Intramuscular: An HCG injection into the muscle with longer needles.

LDW: This is your Last Day Weight- your last day of having your shots of HCG injection. You will stay at this weight while in your Phase 3.

Loading: Binging well on high fats, high-calorie foods while having your injections for 2 days before starting with VLCD.

Mac Nut Day: An alteration to the original Phase 2 protocol where you will eat Macadamia Nuts throughout the day and nothing else.

Miracle Noodles: A noodle that is made from a Japanese Konjac root. It is almost zero carbs and calories-nothing but a soluble fiber.

Mug Cake: A dessert for Phase 3

Phase: Under each protocol, there are 3 phases: phase 2, 3 and 4.

P2: This is the phase 2 of HCG diet. This is a portion of the protocol when you are on the very low calorie diet.

P3: Or phase 3 of HCG diet that follows right after P2. In this phase, you will increase your calorie intake. But you will avoid all forms of carbs and sugars to stabilize your new weight. This phase usually lasts for 3 weeks.

P4: This is the protocol after p3. During P4, you will start adding some sugars and carb slowly on your hcg diet.

Round:  It is the time frame that you will be spending from loading phase to phase 4.

Rx HCG: Prescription hCG

Shirataki Noodles: Also a miracle noodles. Check on the Yam noodles on the package labels. It’s made from Konjac yam root that does not contain any carbs or calories. Look for this noodle on many Ethnic and Asian markets near you. They are a lot cheaper than buying online.

Stall: Some also call this a plateau. This is a period in your hcg diet where you stop losing weight for a few days.

Steak Day: A plateau/ stall breaker during the phase 3 of HCG diet. During a Steak day, you eat a good size of steak for dinner with either tomato or an apple. But you are not allowed to eat anything at all during the day. Steak day can cause you to drop your weight down to within 2 pounds limit the following day.

Subcutaneous/ SUbQ: The fat part in your belly where you will inject the HCG.

Syringe: The barrel part of the injection with numbers and hash marks written on it.

VLCD: Very Low Calories Diet during p2 of HCG diet.

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