HCG Diet Approved Dietary Supplements

HCG Diet Approved Dietary Supplements

If you are still looking forward to having health packed weight loss with an accelerated result, then below are HCG Diet approved supplements at each phase. These supplements will make sure that you will remain healthy throughout your journey with the HCG Diet.

Safe Supplements for the HCG Diet

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the HCG Diet is all about preparing your body and cleansing your system. Therefore, the supplements that you need are related to cleansing your body and your system. The best way to cleanse your body is to drink plenty of water. Be sure that you are consuming the required amount of water each day while on the HCG Diet. Other than water, you may also drink tea to cleanse your system or put some apple cider vinegar onto your salad.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet limits you to ONLY consume 500 calories a day. As much as possible, avoid any sort of unnecessary supplements.  You can only take supplements if you are fatigued or tired during the diet program. The recommended vitamins for this phase are:

  • Potassium- Potassium is important for your kidneys, heart and other vital organs to function normally.
  • Magnesium– It helps regulate bowel movement. It transforms the blood sugar into energy, which is very important for the body undergoing weight loss.

Phase 3

This phase is also known as the stabilization phase. The supplements required during this phase are also the same as P2. However, there are times when you feel so tired and would require more vitamin supplements to keep you going like:

  • Vitamin B-complex– It’s an energy boosting vitamins. It also aids in the production of more red blood cells. Your energy deficit during P2 can be met with vitamin B-complex.
  • Vitamin D– HCG Diet doesn’t allow the additional intake of dietary sources of vitamin D like egg yolk, meat and liver. You can skip taking vitamin D supplements if you are very well exposed to the sunlight. However, if you are unable to manage sun exposure, your physician can give you vitamin D supplements for your bone health.

Phase 4

This is the maintenance phase. Here, you still observe a strict diet that would sometimes deprive your body of certain nutrients. Vitamin supplements that you can take are:

  • Vitamin A– Vitamin A is an antioxidant that fights and restores damage cells. It’s good for your heart, lungs, kidney and other vital organs.
  • Vitamin C– It can instantly boost immunity and flush out toxins effectively. Vitamin C will keep your immunity meter high even after you completed your diet with HCG.


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