Getting Back on Track after a Holiday

Getting Back on Track after a Holiday

Diet slips are a normal part of any lifestyle change. Diet slips won’t really hurt your progress over what you have been working out for so long but how you react to the diet slip can. How you negatively react with the slip can leave you feeling down and discouraged.

Not only non-dieters face diet slip. Even successful HCG dieters face weight gain, especially over the holiday season. But with renewed dedication, you can stop the scale from creeping further and get back.

Tips to help you get back on track with the HCG Diet:

  1. Don’t let holiday overeating extend one day longer. Get back on track right after the holiday. If you only took less than 10 days off the HCG diet, you can get back on the HCG diet without reloading. However, if you took more than 2 weeks off the diet, you have to reload. Getting back right away on track will limit your weight gain.
  2. Eat smarter instead of committing yourself to a very strict diet. Start with resolving to eat less and NO fast food. Make a smart substitution by substituting your sugary intake with nutritious low-calorie alternatives like fruits and veggies. Completely cut-out your soda intake and substitute it with tea or lemonade. Sodas are a major source of empty calories.
  3. Renew your commitment to healthy eating and weight loss by increasing your exercise time while you are decreasing your calorie intake. If you live in an area with a mild winter, biking to work is a good way to help you lose some of those weights. Instead of using the elevators, use the stair. Walking is a great way to lose weight. Walking can make a huge difference when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and overall heart health.
  4. Carefully plan every meal. Up your protein by eating more lean meats. Proteins prolong the feeling of fullness than carbohydrates or fats. Stick to low-fat protein like low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. Emphasize fruits and vegetables. Fruits can increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Fruits will clean your body of those simple carbohydrates and heavy fats.
  5. Zero in your food triggers. Eating some of your trigger food at one meal will not do great damage but taking them home to eat for days could.

Review your diet success before the holidays. Return to your healthy eating habits without hesitations.


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  • Clara Stewart

    Removing sugar from my beverages would be really hard for me. Is it okay to use Equal sweetener since it’s zero calorie?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    If you really have to sweeten your food or drinks, substitute sugar with stevia instead of Equal. Equal is an artificial sweetener and isn’t that good for your body, whereas stevia is a natural sweetener and sweeter than regular sugar – less the calories.

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