Eating Out Tips While on the HCG Diet

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Eating out, having a buffet meal either on a local restaurant or on a cruise, a wedding or simply on vacation in a large hotel can ring the warning bell in every dieter’s brain, telling them the danger ahead. However, eating out is somewhat possible even if you are in the second or the third phase of the HCG Diet. It’s easier to do when you are in the maintenance phase than in the very low calorie phase but there are a lot of things that you must be aware of before you hop inside the restaurant to order for your meal or head straight into the buffet table to get your food. Remember that the more you take control of your meal when you are eating out, the greater is your chance of eating out without ruining your diet plans. Regular eating versus buffet/restaurant eating

  • Restaurant / buffet eating are expensive and it’s very easy to overeat. You tend to order a large variety and amount of foods or pick a great assortment of foods on the buffet table.
  • You don’t have time to feel full from eating the soup and salad before you look up for the main course at the buffet table. You can finish eating the entire meal in a matter of 20 minutes without feeling full. The best thing to do is to slow down as you don’t want to be done in 20 minutes.
  • It’s natural for you to overeat since it’s acceptable to pile for food on your plate just like what others are doing. You can eat all the foods you can eat with no restrictions on the portion size or the number of choices.

Tips on eating out while on the HCG Diet

  1. Learn the requirements of the HCG Diet

Take time to know what’s allowed and what’s not allowed on the HCG Diet so that if you will encounter menus while eating out you know what and what not to put on your plate. Most foods are prohibited during the second phase and you are limited only 5000 calories per day. So, there isn’t much that you can have on your P2 but if you are careful you might be able to get a chance or ordering a small salad or another HCG Diet friendly menu item.

  • Have a list of the HCG Diet friendly food

This can serve as your reference and it will be easier for you to look into your list if you aren’t sure what to order.

  • Find a table as far away from the buffet table

The further you are from the table the less likely you will go for a second or a third round.

  • Use small plates

Use the smallest plate possible and place only two choices at a time. It’s okay to go back for a second round but remember to put 2 choices only. Ear only those foods that you don’t get to eat often. Also start with something more filling like soup or salad.

Phase 2 eating out tips

  1. No fats allowed. Most meats cook on restaurant even if their HCG Diet friendly are cook in some sort of fat making eating out on P2 impossible. However, you can order grilled meat with side salads. Avoid mixing veggies too. Grilled meat options must be plain. Avoid using sauces and marinades but you can top it with salt, pepper and lemon.
  2. Stevia to the rescue. Carry a packet of Stevia with you to enjoy a cool lemon ice tea or a hot coffee or tea with your meal.
  3. Have sparkling mineral water. You can’t have soda but you can add some flavored stevia into your sparkling mineral water to make your own version of soda.

Phase 3 eating out tips

  1. No sauces and gravies. Many restaurants would serve sugary sauces and thickeners but you must avoid them at all cause as sauces and gravies can mess up with your diet.
  2. No starchy orders. Avoid starchy sides like potatoes and bread. Oder for more veggies instead and top them with lemon juice, salt, pepper, spices and butter.
  3. Healthy fats, oils and any proteins are accepted but you have to watch for sugary marinades
  4. Order for a salad or for fresh fruits for dessert as they are easier to order rather than a full meal. This way, it would be easier for the restaurant to accommodate you and you will get a lot of control over what ingredients are included. You can have a poached chicken with cabbage and a few seasonings as long as you are careful with the portion size of the chicken.

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Eating Out Tips While on the HCG Diet