Different Types of HCG

Different Types of HCG

Confused about the different types of HCG to use in your diet? No worries because we’re here to help you choose the best and the most effective type of HCG for your weight loss. The one that will truly let you lose the maximum amount of weight possible.

In each type of HCG, there are specifics that should be understood concerning the methods, dose, and ways of takings. Bear in mind that regardless of the methods used, all forms of HCG starts with 125 international unit (i.u)

HCG Self-Mixed Injections

Self-mixed HCG injections is sometimes referred to as the HCG shots. This is the most popular and the most effective among the different types of HCG used for weight loss. Dr. Simeon, the original creator of the HCG diet, recommended the use of HCG injection. In fact, he uses this type of HCG for his practice and the hormone was injected intramuscular. This practice is continued to date even without the help of a medical practitioner.

The self-mixed injection is sometimes given along with vitamin B12 for more weight loss. Usually, 1 vial of 5000 iu is enough to last for a short round of 23 days. If you are following the 46-day protocol, you need 2 vials of 5000 iu. 1 vial of 5000 iu cost around $140 but it comes with everything that you need for 1 round. The kit includes single-use, ultra-thin insulin syringes, mixing syringe, bacteriostatic water, sealed mixing vial, and alcohol pads.

The most common dose for the HCG injection is between 125 iu to 200 iu daily. You can have the shot intramuscular but most dieters prefer to do it subcutaneously. The self-mixed HCG injection targets the excess fat but the injection alone is not enough. The program is formulated to function by reducing calorie consumption to 500 calories a day. Some modification involves a calorie restriction between 500 to 800 calories a day.

The mixing preparation for the HCG injection is so simple and easy to follow. Then again, nothing to worry though because each time you buy a month’s supply, the kit also comes with mixing instructions. There are also tons of videos about mixing preparation that you can download anytime on the internet. Just find some good instructions, and figure out how to make the preparation area sterile. Make sure that you also draw the right amount of BAC water from the vial using the right syringe and properly mix the content.

HCG Self-Mixed Sublingual

The self- mixed HCG sublingual is perhaps the most expensive among all types of HCG methods but it offers a pain-free way of getting the hormone into your system. The self-mixed sublingual is composed of full strength HCG hormones and USP alcohol. The hormone is diluted by the USP alcohol so you can drop it under the tongue. After dropping, you need to leave it under the tongue for 5 to 10 minutes to let the hormone be fully absorbed into the bloodstream. You are not allowed to swallow the liquid as it would directly go into your stomach and not into your bloodstream.

The HCG hormone comes in a vial like in the HCG injection. The recommended dissolving agent is B12 or bacteriostatic water and USP alcohol to help with the absorption. You need twice as much vial of HCG compared with the injection because you’ll be using the sublingual many times a day. The hcg injections dosage instruction may differ depending on various types of sublingual drops. Use the sublingual on an empty stomach to ensure proper absorption. You must not also drink or eat anything for 30 minutes after using the sublingual to ensure 95% absorption of the drop. For the mixing instructions, you need to find one good instruction and a sterile place where you can mix the hormone. It is vital to have the exact measurement as any improper measurement may make the hormone ineffective.

HCG Pre-Mixed Drops

The pre-mixed HCG drop is an inexpensive and painless way of taking the hormone. It’s much simpler to take than the injection form. You simply have to place them under your tongue and allow the hormone to be absorbed into the bloodstream but you do have to take them several times in a day. You take 5 drops under your tongue 3 times a day. Usually, you use .5 cc and squirt it under your tongue. Let it sit for at least two minutes before swallowing whatever liquid is left.

Since it is pre-mixed, you need to be very careful in purchasing the pharmaceutical grade pre-mixed drops since many people have unknowingly purchased and use the fake ones. Unlike the self-mixed sublingual, you do not have to worry about the mixing preparations anymore. The bottle comes with a calibrated built-in dropper.

HCG Pellets

Getting the hormone via injection is still the most effective method but not everyone is comfortable with self-injecting. You still have other options like the HCG pellet. The HCG pellet has come into the market not so long ago. The pellet functions the same way as the HCG injection and drops because the main ingredients are the same. Unlike the injection and drops, other ingredients included in the pellet are amino acids, B vitamins, graphite, capsicum annum, and focus vesiculosus.

Take the pellet and place them under your tongue until the pellet dissolves. The dose of the HCG pellet is doubled from 250 iu to 500 iu. This is to make sure that you will receive the optimum amount even if you lose some of the hormones during the absorption process. While taking the pellet, you are advised to follow the HCG Diet protocol.

Which one to consider?

Before considering which type of HCG will work best for you, understand the process first completely. The HCG injection still remains the best option because they act quickly but if you are uncomfortable with self-injecting you can use the self-mixed sublingual, pre-mixed drop, or pellet forms of HCG. However, if you will not follow the protocol properly, no matter what type of HCG you choose, you won’t be able to lose the maximum amount of weight.

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  • rosemarie

    I wanted a freeze-dried HCG because I have been doing sublingual ever since. But when I ordered from overseas, I was sent the injection-type. Will it still work if I use this injection-type to mix my sublingual? I usually take 250 IU per 2mL dose of sublingual HCG. According to the label, each mL of the vial contains highly purified HCG 10,000 IU

  • Jan Marie Luna

    You do not need to be worried. All powdered HCG is designed for injection. But we get to make the decision on how we mix it and use them. The powder for the injection is still the same as the powder for sublingual. However, taking 2 ml under your tongue is a lot of fluid. Also, being on a 250 IU of HCG is a very high dose. You would most likely experience hunger. My suggestion would be, mix 20cc of fluid with the 10,000 IU HCG. You would then take 3 ml (30 units on the 100-unit syringe or 12 units on the 40-unit syringe) for a dose of 150 IU to be taken twice a day. If you really want to continue with the 250 IU dose, that is 50 units on a 100-unit syringe and 20 units on a 40-unit syringe.

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