Vegetables and Their Health Benefits – Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed the health benefits of HCG diet green leafy vegetables. Now, we will go over the health benefits of other veggies like fennel, lettuce, onion, spinach and tomatoes.

These veggies are rich in antioxidant and nutrients that can:

  1. Improve cardiovascular and digestive health.
  2. Normalize blood pressure
  3. Reduce level of bad cholesterol
  4. Fight cancer cells

Health benefits of some HCG diet veggies

  • Fennel– Fennel is rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. It helps reduce swelling in joints and damage to the blood vessels.
  • Green beans– Green beans are high in fiber and other minerals. It also provides some of your protein requirement. The health benefits of green beans include reducing your risk of colon cancer and heart disease. It can also boost your immune system as well as regulating your blood’s sugar level.
  • Green pepper– Green peppers are rich in vitamin A and E and fiber. It is low in calories and contains zero grams of fats. Green pepper helps reduce your risk of chronic illnesses. It also helps in keeping your eye health and reducing your risk of an age-related eye disorder.
  • Lettuce– Lettuce is rich in nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, fiber and beta-carotene. It’s also a great source of minerals like copper, iron and vitaminB1. Romaine lettuce, in particular, is good for your heart. It helps protect your blood vessels from the damaging effects of cholesterol. And it reduces your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack.
  • Radishes– Red radishes, in particular, are a good source of vitamin A, C, E, K and B6. It’s rich in folate, calcium, fiber and other forms of minerals. Red radishes can inhibit several types of cancer. It has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties that can boost your immune system.
  • Onion– Onion is a great source of polyphenols. It has sulfuric containing compounds that prevent blood vessel clotting. It helps lower cholesterol level and reduces bone density in menopause women. A small intake of onion each day can reduce the risk of having cancer.
  • Spinach– Spinach is one of the richest veggies in terms of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant. It is an excellent veggie to eat in your hcg diet because of its detoxifying properties.
  • Tomatoes– Tomato is rich in lycopene. Lycopene helps improve bone health and reduce cholesterol level. It also helps prevent platelets from gathering in the blood reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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