7 Diet Secrets for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

7 Diet Secrets for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Stabilizing during phase 3 of the HCG Diet is one of the biggest challenges every dieter experience. But some few diets strategy can make all the difference from stabilizing to being successful on the weight loss journey.

Below are top 7 diet secrets for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet.

1. Eat normal calories again

During the stabilization phase, you do not have to continue dieting again as many dieters do. Do not assume that you will gain weight right away when you start reintroducing more calories back into your diet. One secret in transitioning into the next phase successfully is not to continue restricting your calorie intake. Increase your calories to a normal amount:

For women: 1700 to 2000 calories a day

For men: 27000 to 3000 calories a day

Your body needs to create a new set point of eating a variety of healthy oils and proteins, a moderate amount of fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

2. Use the Glycemic index

To help you choose the appropriate foods for this phase use the Glycemic index. Foods that are less than 30 in the Glycemic index scale and foods that are rich in protein and fibers can balance your blood sugar. Foods that are low in Glycemic index scale can help you maintain your weight loss during phase 3.

3. Read food labels before buying and consuming them

By reading the food labels you can avoid sugars and starches during P3 of the HCG Diet. This will also prevent you from going above the two-pound range. Stay away from foods with dextrose, maltose, glucose, fructose and anything with “ose”. When you read the food label, you can also prevent unhealthy additives such as artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucrose and monosodium glutamate or MSG.

4. Weigh yourself every day

Even though you have passed the very low calorie phase of the HCG Diet you still have to continue weighing yourself. Do this religiously. The first two weeks of this phase can pretty give you a swing on your diet. It is very vital therefore to document your weight and make it sure that you stay within the 2-pound range.

5. Eat clean

Eat clean and healthy during phase 3 of the HCG Diet. Choose foods that will give you more energy and foods that will nourish your body. Do away with your unhealthy eating lifestyle and make a big change by eating clean and healthily. Go for more proteins, vegetables and approved phase 3 fruits.

6. Take extra time between rounds

You can do multiple rounds to achieve your goal weight but you have to take some time before proceeding to the next round. Longer breaks between each round will help prevent your body from developing immunity. Longer breaks will also help your body to recharge, rest and to practice healthier eating habits. Breaks between each round:

Round 1 to Round 2: 6 weeks

Round 2 to Round 3: 8 weeks

Round 3 to Round 4: 10 weeks

Round 4 to Round 5: 12 weeks

For every succeeding round, two weeks is added. Skipping the long break and starting right away with your next round can only make you develop immunity and gain weight.

7. Eat varieties of foods

During phase 3 of the HCG Diet, you can have varieties of foods. Start eating more protein, vegetables and fruit choices but avoid starch and sugars. Your body needs additional nutrition after restricting yourself with only limited choices of foods.


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  • Jan Marie Luna

    Nope.. You just need to “gradually” increase your portion size and calorie intake until you reach the normal required calorie consumption.. No need to force-feed yourself.. You can start at 700 calories and add the calories slowly..

  • Lucy Walker

    I still have some HCG left from my 1st round that is good for about 6 shots more. Can I just store it in the refrigerator and use it for my 2nd round? It’s a waste if I just throw it out.

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Hi Lucy, as much as we want to make use of every drop of it, it would not be wise to use the remaining HCG for your next round. HCG starts losing potency within 21 to 30 days from the day you mixed it with the bacteriostatic water. Since you will be having a 6 week break between your 1st and 2nd round, your HCG would have already lost its potency by the time you start your 2nd round. Using HCG that is no longer potent would not give you the optimum loses and would cause you to feel extreme hunger during your VLCD phase. Your best option to make the most out of your HCG diet is to mix a fresh vial of HCG once you start your second round.

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