The HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG Diet is your key, your secret to success in transforming your body and your lifestyle through the HCG Diet Protocol.

HCG Injections: Where and How

  • Have your shot of HCG every day you’re on the program.

  • The best time to do your HCG shot is right after you shower in the morning.

  • There are four sites on your body suitable for subcutaneous injection. Your abdomen, thigh, hips and upper outer arm. Among these, only two applies if you are doing self-injections of HCG- your abdomen and thigh.

    When injecting in your abdomen.

    • Inject the HCG 3 fingers width away from your belly button. Do not inject any closer than the recommended measurement. You may go away a little further if you want.

    When injecting in your thigh

    • Measure about a width of your palm from your knee going up or downward from the top of your leg. The area between those measurements can be used for a sub q injection of HCG.

    HCG injection is more effective and more potent than homeopathic HCG. What you get is 100% authentic HCG. Once injected into your body, 100% of the medication really goes into your body.

Stalls on the HCG Injections

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HCG Diet Phases


Days 1-2: Fat Loading + HCG Injection

  • Eat lots of high calories, high fatty foods to satisfaction.
  • Have your HCG shot on day 1 of Phase 1 loading.
  • This phase is very important. DO NOT Skip This Step. It prepares your body for Phase 2, the 500 calories/day protocol.


Start your 500 calories diet until you finish the 23 or 40 injections/ dosage days. No fats! Eat only the HCG approved food list. Weight yourself daily in the morning before eating and drinking anything. To maintain your energy take vitamin B supplement every day. You may also wish to consider taking magnesium supplement for a regular bowel movement.

26-day protocol

If you only need to lose around 15 pounds or less, you can do the 26-day protocol. You’ll need 23 injections which include the injections from the 2 loading days.

2 days loading with injections

21 days of vlcd with injections

3 days of vlcd without injections


26 days with 23 injections 

46-day protocol

You can do the longer round if you have more than 25 pounds to lose. Here, you’ll need 40 injections with 1 skipped injection once a week. Therefore you’ll be on the vlcd for a longer period of time. Your 46 day protocol includes the following:

2 days of loading with injections

38 days of vlcd with injections

6 days of vlcd without injections (This is the no shot day once a week)

3 days of vlcd without hCG at the end of P2


49 days of 500 calorie diet with 40 injections

On the last three days of the protocol, continue with the very low calorie diet but this time stop having the injections. This allows the HCG to leave your body.


The Next 3 Weeks: Maintenance Phase P3 is absolutely essential. During the maintenance phase, your body will gradually re-adjust to your regular diet. To help keep off the weight you’ve lost, follow these instructions:

  • Begin the maintenance phase
  • Start with your 1200-1500 calorie/day diet.
  • All foods are now permitted except sugars and carb
  • Break up your daily allotment of 1500 calories between three meals and two snacks.
  • DO NOT Skip this phase What if you gain more than 2 pounds in P3?
  • Have an HCG Diet steak day
  • Then begin with your 3week period of P3 over again Bonus Phase: Steak Day
  • Do not eat anything for breakfast and lunch.
  • Eat a large steak for dinner with an apple or a raw tomato • Drink plenty of water during the day.

After the HCG Injections

Once the maintenance phase is complete, you have two choices.

  1. If you want to lose more weight restart the HCG injections. But you need to wait for an additional 30 days after the maintenance phase before proceeding to round two.
  2. Reintroduce healthy carb into your diet slowly. Losing weight with HCG injections is just that easy! Just follow the protocol.

Questions about the HCG Injections plan? Contact us at (877) 334-8709.

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