HCG Diet Loading Tips and Secrets

Finally, you have decided to do the HCG diet. I know you may have a lot of questions in your mind. Like-aren’t I starting this process to help me lose weight and eat better? Why am I doing the hcg diet the other way around? Is this necessary? It may sound weird but the answer is YES!

To help you get along with your loading days and transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 with HCG diet here are few tips and secrets.

Loading day’s tips

  1. Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates like rice and bread.
  2. Choose foods that you would likely crave during your first week on P2.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Water cleanses your body by flushing out toxins, food additives and preservatives.
  4. Choose fat rich, calorie dense food as much as possible with much omega oil.
  5. Start with high potency, high-quality HCG.
  6. Don’t just load up on junks and sugars.
  7. Do not skip your loading days just to move along the process faster. It won’t work.
  8. Drink milk or heavy cream when you are thirsty.
  9. Moisturize your body by putting as much lotion as possible. You can drench your body too with oil. Once you will start with your hcg diet, using lotion is a big NO. It is clearly stated in the hcg diet protocol that lotions containing oil are prohibited while you are on phase 2 of HCG diet.
  10. Stock your fridge with foods that you will need for phase 2. Click here for suggested foods list on HCG diet loading days.
  11. Do not stress yourself over your loading days. Have fun with this phase.

Loading day’s secrets

  1. For your first two days of loading, eat rich loading foods every few hours.
  2. Focus on foods high in fats and not carbs and sugar. Loading on fatty foods lessens the HCG challenges such as withdrawals, headaches and food addictions.
  3. When you load with irresistible carbs, make it sure that you eat them with high-fat ingredients. Say eating some noodles with sauce and potato chips with dips.
  4. If you’re loading days is up and there are still some leftovers, throw them away or give them. This will prevent you from eating them when you start with the very low calorie diet.

So, don’t hold back and load properly. Loading properly will leave you feeling satiated and good to go through the next phase.

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  • Pam

    It is not possible for me to go 3 – 6 weeks without lotion on my hands because I wash my hands often in the nursing field. If my skin gets to dry it cracks, itches and bleeds. What can I use for moisture?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Hi Pam! =)

    For those whose skin is accustomed to using fat-containing products, the use of plain mineral oil for moisture may be considered. Do note that even if the original protocol allows this to be applied on your skin, this is still not allowed to be used when preparing your food. If using plain mineral oil is not to your liking, you may use oil-free lotions if available in your area.

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