Dealing with Emotional Eating

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Dealing with Emotional Eating

How is your relationship with foods? Is food your snuggly bear? We often do not give it much thought. We eat in order to be healthy and we know that sometimes we need to lose a bit here and there.

But are you really addressing your issues with foods when you try to lose those pounds away? Is there really an underlying problem that you need to fix first to help you keep the weight off for good?

The answer is a BIG YES! There is… and you cannot just fix the issues overnight. Without addressing this deep-rooted issue, you may not be successful in losing your weight and keeping them off for good. HCG diet will help you reveal and highlight some underlying issues and struggles you have with foods.

How are you going to change your relationship with foods?


  1. Be aware of what you eat

Sometimes eating becomes a mindless habit-like eating while watching your favorite show. You eat and you do not pay attention to what you eat. Before you knew it you’ve eaten the whole bag of potato chips and you’re not even hungry at all.

What’s the solution?

Take a step back and ask yourself. “Do I really need to eat all of this? Am I really hungry?

  1. Find enjoyment in other things rather than eating

There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself in a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Indulgence is perfectly okay. The problem comes when you turn yourself into that delicious piece of cake for a few minutes of happiness because you can’t find enjoyment elsewhere.

What’s the solution?

Find something that makes you happy besides foods. Try to read a book or take a long hot shower.

  1. Have a precious “me” time

There are times when you turn yourself into foods for comfort when you are sad or mad. But turning to your comfort foods to numb the feeling of sadness and fear can cause you to make unhealthy choices which will lead you to a never-ending path of self-destruction.

What’s the solution?

Try to vent your feeling in a positive way. Have a precious “me” time.

  1. Rest, relax

Lack of sleep and rest are really huge factors of emotional eating. When you’re stressed you do not pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat. The cortisol hormone in your body also rises causing you to gain weight.

What’s the solution?

Simple! Get enough rest. Sleep for 6-8 hours. It’s important to help keep your body at a healthy weight. Enough rest can also help you fight stress. Try relaxing music if you find it hard to sleep. Avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon too.

  1. Love your body

One of the biggest causes of emotional eating is poor self-image. Most people tend to say that they will start to love their self after they lose the weight off.

But not loving yourself before you lose weight will prevent you from seeing a lasting weight loss success.

What’s the solution?

Love your body before you decide to make any changes. If you’re confident with how you look right now, think how much more confident you’ll be after losing those pounds away.