Christmas Cheating While on the HCG Diet

Christmas Cheating While on the HCG Diet

The holiday season is here! It’s a time for celebration with friends and family. And not to mention, food seems to be everywhere. There will be lots and lots of parties, Christmas lunches, and New Year’s Eve dinner. Doing any diet during the holidays can be tough but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Three Options for HCG Diet Eating Over this Holiday Season

  1. Stick with the HCG Diet protocol: If this the route you want to take, then great. I love your dedication. One piece of advice though – never rely on “willpower” when you can plan for the “just in cases.”
  2. Modify the protocol: This option is a lot easier to follow rather than to strictly adhere to the protocol. A lot of dieters, in fact, alter their protocol, so they can enjoy this holiday season without feeling guilty.
  3. Go crazy over the holiday: Proper timing and planning are what you need. Have whatever you want, indulge, and accept the consequences whatever they may be. Choosing this option can be cool but be warned, as this could lead to days of weight loss stall. If it’s okay with you, then you’re all set.

On modifying the protocol

Here’s how to enjoy the buffet. If you do it right, you can enjoy yourself and still lose weight.

  • The first round at the buffet is the most important.  Stick to the protocol foods FIRST.  Think about eating your salad, vegetables, and turkey, and enjoy them! Eat just a few bites of the stuffing that you’d really like on your second trip to the buffet.
  • Proper portion. Have about 3 to 4 bite sizes at a time. As the saying goes, “No bite is as good as the first, ever”. Usually, it only takes a few bites to feel satisfied with a particular food. When you have 3 to 4 bites, you will realize that you are satisfied and you no longer need more. If you find you want more, repeat with the same portion. Never put more than one portion on your plate at a time.
  • Drink plenty of water even if other beverages are being served. Drinking plenty of water will help control your cravings and urges to overeat. For a twist, you may use sparkling water then add some lemon and Stevia.
  • On having alternatives. Whether it’s a family gathering, office party, or shindigs with friends, your chances of slipping up around the holidays and gain a few pounds are big especially if you came unprepared. So, be ready with your plan B. It’s better to be prepared than having regrets in the end. Know what foods will be serve during the event and be smart and ready with other alternatives.
  • Plan ahead. All it takes is proper planning. Start your diet on Thanksgiving Day just in time for loading days so you may end right before Christmas day. If you know that you are going to be on the HCG diet whether it is on the very low calorie or maintenance phase, you may not be able to partake in the full feast, but at least you will have something to eat that won’t ruin your diet.
  • Eat backward and take your time. Rather than eating the proteins, eat the greens first. It’s a great trick to give your body time to feel satisfaction coming from good healthy foods. And not to mention, to make you feel full and keep your body from craving the unhealthy foods on the buffet table.
  • Keep moving. We all tend to overindulge during the holiday season and it’s not a crime though. At least, keep yourself moving so you may burn those extra calories gain from feasting on holiday foods. Walk at least 20 minutes in the evening and the morning.
  • Stay away from refined sugars and carbohydrates. These are desserts, bread rolls, and pasta salad. Stick to fresh fruits with a dab of fresh cream and brown rice. When it comes to meat, avoid fatty meat like pork chops. Go for BBQ because all the fat in the meat is drained away. For the celebration toast, avoid soft drinks or sprite and opt for drinks that will do less damage to your weight loss goals like vodka, soda water, and lime.

On sticking with the protocol

  • Stay focus. Don’t lose sight of your goal and how far you’ve come. Your weight will slow down or may stall for 3 to 6 days if you will get off track during the holiday parties. You don’t want this to happen.
  • Distract yourself. If the going gets really tough, and you really want to get your hands on that eggnog, find something to distract yourself. Play with the children present at the party or you could go help clean in the kitchen. This will take your mind off the food cravings and it can be fun at some time.

Remember this

Even the most motivated person in the world can slip up and cheat on purpose especially during this time of the year. It’s not the end of the world. Have everything in moderation and enjoy yourself but a bit of planning can help reduce those guilty feelings as well as keeping you on track to looking fabulous in the new year.

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  • Judith Williams

    I was too excited to start the HCG diet that I failed to realize that my diet will overlap with the holidays. I am on my 14th day and would like to enjoy the holidays if possible. Can I do a planned interruption?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Unfortunately, if you want to maintain your loses, you need to sacrifice the sumptuous food that is served during Christmas since you cannot do a planned interruption unless you are on the 23rd day of your HCG. Just hold on. You can do it! =)

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