Cheating on an HCG Apple Day

An Apple day is performed when your weight loss has stayed the same for several days on Phase 2 of your HCG diet. This is also known as HCG stall. Some like to call it as HCG plateau. Plateaus or stalls can be irritating. And it does happen during Phase 2 of HCG diet. It is mainly caused by simply not following Dr. Simeons protocol completely. But the most common reason behind plateaus or stall is CHEATING.

Whatever the reason is, the best known and recommended way to break up your stall is doing an Apple day. What if you ended up cheating during your HCG Apple day?

Seriously though, if you did cheat during your HCG Apple day try not to be hard on yourself. You are not doomed, so don’t stress yourself out. Relax a bit but you have to stop cheating and follow the protocol strictly. This is the rule and you have to follow rule in order to be successful in your weight loss journey.

What to do after cheating on HCG Apple day

  1. Don’t do another Apple day. NEVER do 2 consecutive Apple days.
  2. Go back to your normal very low calorie diet after your Apple day.
  3. Don’t stress yourself over your cheating. Forget about it but make sure that you won’t cheat anymore even on Apple days.
  4. Spend some time again to read the protocol. Try to refocus on how you are going to succeed in the HCG program.
  5. If your weight loss still does not resume few days after doing an Apple day, you can consider doing another apple day. You may want to do another stall breaker. However, this time do not cheat. You can try the popular Steak day. There are actually quite a few more different ways to break an HCG stall.
  6. Take a walk each morning to help yourself refocus and get you back on the right track. Try to do some light exercise. Light exercise can help you speed up your weight loss.
  7. DO NOT start an Apple day without taking your HCG Injections.

Do not give in to your temptations. Try hard and be committed to the program.

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