Apple day: Is it for a cheat and stall?

Maybe not this round or the next and hopefully not in any other rounds. But chances are, somewhere along the way you make mistakes. And now what? Should you start- over your hcg diet or stop because you cheated? Or, do a stall breaker to fix a cheat?

A lot of times HCG dieters want to do an Apple day when they’ve cheated. You don’t have to do this. When you cheat you should not use an Apple day to fix an issue.  Because Apple days aren’t for cheats. They are for stalls. The primary purpose of Apple day is to help the body break a natural weight loss plateau. Dr. Simeons found out that by consuming a lot of apples and limiting your water intake for a day you can break your weight loss plateau.

Unfortunately, Apple day has been mistaken for a quick fix for cheating. Well, this is not a good idea. Whether it’s a small-time cheat like eating a taco one afternoon or a big time cheat like binging on a plate full of party foods during a wedding, Apple day is not the answer. If you have gained some weight out from cheating would you consider eating something high in sugar and carbs?

Consider this one, the amount of carb and sugar in 4-6 apples are more than what’s allowed on your VLCD day. During an Apple day, your body consumes a lot of sugar and carbs than your normal VLCD. Say for example you eat six medium size apples. You will be consuming around 115 grams of sugar and about 124 grams of net carb. During your normal very low calorie diet, you consume only 38 grams of net carbs and 32 grams of sugar. That’s a big difference, right?

So, technically, an Apple day will not fix your cheat. Eating nothing but all sugar and carbs will not help you get back on track. There are other ways to fix a cheat. Check this out Cheat day, what’s Next? If you find out that your weight loss stall few days after cheating then that’s the time you can do an Apple day. Click here to know more about the basics of Apple day.

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