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Why your card got rejected?

One of the most annoying things when purchasing something online is finding out that your card is being rejected despite entering all the information needed. You know too well that your card is good but why was it being rejected?

A card rejection for online purchases occurs for a few reasons. Generally, they are technology-related such as declined by the payment gateway, the processor or the issuing bank and a lot more.

Here are possible reasons why your card was rejected:

Overseas transaction

Your card gets rejected when you make international purchases, especially from China. Almost all U.S banks have this security feature. This is to secure the banks from thieves who charged fraudulent purchases from overseas because it’s more difficult for the law to track them. Most of the illegal transaction happens in foreign jurisdictions. This is why it is best to contact your bank after making overseas transactions or international purchases online to inform the bank that you’re authorizing the transaction made.

You have a pending hold

Pending hold usually happens when you travel. If you checked into a hotel and rented a car in close proximity, both will track on deposits to your card making sure you’ll pay what you owe them.

Illegal Transaction

Your card gets rejected if you will try to charge to an illegal transaction such as a gambling deposit. If your card gets accepted, you’ll immediately get a call from your card’s security department asking if your charge is legitimate. This is because the bank that facilitates your illegal transaction is also aiding and abetting illegal activity. 

Everyday mistakes

There are times your card gets rejected due to incorrect information that you have entered like your using your new address or your new phone number instead of the one on file. Another is that maybe you have reached your credit limit.

Your payment is Past Due

Your card issuer will likely to cut you off from making new payments when you have missed a few card payments or you are not up to date with your payments. To restore your purchasing privileges, you have to bring your current account.

Your card status changed

Your card gets rejected if the authorized card user has removed you.

Your card has expired

Your card may get rejected if the expiration date has passed. Your card issuer may have sent a new one in your mail. You just need to get and activate the new card.

Fraud protection

Card companies are super-vigilant over transactions that look suspicious.  It can be a large purchase which you wouldn’t usually do. It could be a purchase you made in an electronic shop when you never shop anything on that category before. It can also be too many transactions in a very short amount of time. It’s mostly based on your spending habit and that you have stepped outside the box. Call your card issuer for suspected fraud. They can fix the issue so your transaction can be processed normally.

Not enough credits available

Knowing your available credit is important if you want to keep your card balance within the limit. The amount of credit you can make changes based on your credit limit and your card balance. You could run out of available credit after a spending spree. You could also run out of available credit when your credit limit was cut unexpectedly.

Here’s what you can do:

The easiest way to complete your transaction is by using another payment method like Bitcoin, Western Union or ECheck. Give your card issuer a call to find out what went wrong with your card. Your card issuer will tell you the exact reason as to why your card was rejected.

Double check all the information before checking out. If you still get rejected, then contact your card company. If your transaction looks suspicious, they will likely be the first to contact you. If you have been dumped as an authorized user, you may have a bigger problem.

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