Buying HCG Injection Online

Buying HCG Injection Online

The HCG diet is a very popular diet that has been around for decades. The HCG diet combined the use of HCG shots with a very low calorie to promote healthy weight loss at a faster pace.

Because of the sheer popularity of the diet and the fact that hundreds and even thousands have successfully lost weight in as little as one month, many companies have launched and promoted HCG injections to dieters, who are seeking the HCG diet protocol.

Advantages of buying your HCG injection online

When you decide to buy HCG injections, you need to determine how to acquire them the best way possible. You can reach out to local pharmacies and weight loss clinics, but it’s important to consider the option of purchasing them online as well. Here are some reasons why you might want to buy them online:

  1. No prescriptions needed. HCG injections are all prescription quality. You don’t have to get a prescription before you can order them online.
  2. No long drives. There is no need for you to drive long distances to see your specialist or local doctor and purchase what you need. Everything is accessible right from your computer, phone, or tablet.
  3. No hassle. When you buy online, your number of visits to clinics or offices reduces and the products will be delivered right to your doorstep. So, there is no need for you to step out of your home. Buying HCG injection online is the same as buying other supplies you need for the diet. You know that it’s 100% real and legal because the product actually comes from FDA regulated compounding pharmacies.

Those living in remote areas, or in home bound situations, or whose schedules are too full for them to take their time off can benefit from quicker access to online purchases.

  • More affordable. Buying HGC injection online is more affordable than purchasing them at clinics. In fact, you can spend around $450 to $1200 per month when you buy them at physical stores or clinics. Now, when you buy them online, you can save a lot as a month’s kit only costs around $140 to $395. It comes with everything you need for a month including insulin syringes, BAC water, alcohol pads, and B12 injections.
  • A much higher level of support. When you buy an HCG injection kit online, you can expect a much higher level of support than you would get from a local clinic. For instance, if you purchase from a local clinic, you must make an appointment if you have any questions. However, ordering online gives you access to email support and phone calls anytime. You can get answers to your questions right away, regardless of where you are.

The HCG hormone is safe and legal as long as it came from an FDA regulated pharmacy or has been prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. Only buy injectable HCG, as this is the most effective. Don’t buy homeopathic HCG as they aren’t effective in any circumstances, and there have been several demonstrations where people had taken large amounts of HCG with no effect at all.

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  • Sarah Morgan

    I have 2 vials of HCG in my kit. Should I premix both vials at the same time?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    It is advisable that you only mix one vial at a time because the HCG would gradually start losing its potency at about 21-30 days after reconstitution. Thus, you only need to dilute the HCG in the vial that you are going to use for your first few shots and store the second vial in a cool, dry place, away from heat. Mix your second vial only when you are to use it already.

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