Body Fats on the HCG Diet

Body Fats on the HCG Diet

Fat is basically stored energy. It acts like a battery, ready to provide energy for you when you most need it. Your body converts fats to usable energy for your muscle and other tissue through a series of complex metabolic processes. As a result, your fat will shrink.

When you consume fewer calories more than you burn up, and you exercise your body will reduce some of the adipose tissue. As a result, your fat cells shrink and so is your waistline line. The opposite happens when you consume more calories than your expend. All the excess calories are stores throughout your body as fat. These fats are stored in the specialized fat cells called adipose tissue either by creating more of them or by enlarging the fat cells. As a result, you gain weight.

Fat or adipose tissue is found in several places in your body. Fat concentration in your body depends on your gender. Women generally tend to carry fat in the hips, waist, breast, and buttock creating a pear shape body. Men, on the other hand, carry fat in the abdomen, chest, and buttock.

How the HCG Injections burn abnormal body fats

The HCG Diet is scientifically proven to be an effective weight loss program. It exclusively targets adipose tissue without affecting the muscle. This diet has been there for over 6 decades with several studies and claims that suggest weight loss that ranges from half a pound to two pounds a day.

The HCG Diet utilizes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone to tap the brain’s hypothalamus to release excess fat stores in combination with calorie restrictions. Hypothalamus is a part of the brain that controls your appetite. When you have a diet high in starch and sugar, your hypothalamus will drive you to eat more of those foods. HCG affects the hypothalamus by stimulating the body to release unwanted fat reserve. The stubborn abnormal is then released into the bloodstream from where it is utilized to provide energy.

The hormone works best in conjunction with the low-calorie diet, 500 calories a day, for a period of 23-days or 46-days depending on how much weight you want to lose. The trick is not actually in the calorie count but in the strict fat, sugar, and carbs reduction from the diet. Your body can utilize fat storage only when you reduce your fat intake. Without HCG injections and ONLY the diet, your body will burn muscle mass instead of fat storage. So, don’t ever think of skipping the HCG injection. The entire diet is divided into 4 phases:

  • In phase 1, your goal is to load on high-fat high-calorie foods to trigger the HCG mechanism in the next phase.
  • The second phase is the weight loss phase where you consume only 500 calories a day. 
  • The next phases are stabilization and maintenance phases. On the stabilization phase, you stop having your injection but you continue with the calorie restriction. In the maintenance phase, you slowly introduce foods back into your diet.

The HCG Diet has careful food selections and the 500 calorie diet provides the basic nutrients and minerals to supplement the calories the hormone provides. No variations to the diet are allowed and any foods not on the list are forbidden. Altering the diet in any way can greatly interfere with weight loss. The hormone is proven to be safe and has been used by thousands of dieters without any major side effects. HCG is permitted to treat infertility in women and hormonal conditions in men but doctors are permitted to prescribe HCG off label for weight loss.

Fat conversion into energy

There is a clear calorie deficit on the HCG Diet as you only consume 500 calories a day. No more, no less. However, despite the calorie deficit, you do not run out of energy because there is another source of energy in your body to carry out your daily chores and also to meet your metabolism needs.  The HCG stimulates your brain to release stored fats into the bloodstream to get converted into energy. Even if you don’t feed on the right amount of foods you feel energetic due to the internal fat-release mechanism of your body.

Some facts about the shrinking process

HCG can stimulate the brain to release stored fats from the adipose tissue but the shrinking process isn’t that 100% efficient. Fat has to undergo a series of chemical reactions before it is finally converted into energy but here’s the thing, not all fats are converted into energy. The process of using a fat store also creates byproducts like water and carbon dioxide which exits in the body through sweat and urine. Most of the byproducts of fat leave the body in the form of carbon dioxide. This is something to think about when you take your 20 minutes’ walk a day during the diet.


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  • angel

    This diet is very restrictive. Will I not be deficient in nutrients when doing this diet?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Even when your intake is only 500 calories, because of the HCG releasing your stored fats, you won’t have a shortage of nutrients. Your fatty tissues not only contains fat, bat also vitamins, minerals, blood, and proteins. Only the fat is being melted off. The other components are being circulated back into your system for your body to use.

  • angel moore

    That is a bit comforting to know. I have been taking vitamins for my health since my college years and I would prefer to continue taking them even when doing the HCG diet. Is this okay?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    Though Dr. Simeons mentioned that this is unnecessary, some dieters still take their vitamins out of habit or simply for peace of mind. This is fine so long that you be wary of the kind of vitamin that you are taking. Research them thoroughly and double check its ingredients to make sure that it does not contain sugar or oil.

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