Best Ways to Cheat on the HCG Diet

Best Ways to Cheat on the HCG Diet

Are you bored with all those food restrictions? Are you going to scream if you have to eat fish or chicken for ANOTHER MEAL? Sometimes all you need is a little variety to help you get past through another day on the HCG diet. If only you could cheat…just once! Is there a way?

Now, I want to start writing this post by saying” there is NO WAY I am condoning CHEATING on the HCG diet. I discourage anyone from cheating at all because cheating can sabotage your diet. But people still do cheat despite knowing what cheating on the HCG diet can do.

My purpose for writing is not to encourage you to cheat. I am writing to help you make a better decision about how you will cheat.

So if you are going to cheat on the HCG diet, this is how you should do it.

  1. Stay away from fast food: Do not go near fast food restaurant if you find the sudden urge to cheat. Eating at fast food restaurant off and on the hcg diet is one of the worst things that you could do to yourself.
  2. Stay away from carb and sugar: Sugar on the HCG diet is a BIG NO. So, stay away from it. If you want to cheat, cheat on something that is sugar-free.
  3. Keep it to a minimum: Don’t go big when you cheat. Keep it small.

Foods to Cheat With on the HCG Diet

  1. Vegetables-There are lots of vegetables that you can snack on.
  2. Fruits– Cheating on some sweet fruits that aren’t allowed on the HCG diet wouldn’t be that bad. Watermelon, for example, makes a good cheat. It’s high in water content and low in sugar.
  3. Cottage cheese– Get a fat-free cottage cheese. You can use it alone or add an extra flavor to your carb choices or fruits.
  4. Whole wheat crackers– This can actually be better than the standard Melba toast and breadstick. Just make it sure that you will pick a brand and portion size with the same nutrition and calorie count as Melba toast or Grissini stick.

Again, cheating on the HCG diet is not allowed. But if you must cheat, cheat wisely. Another thing, you might also consider increasing your hcg dosage. And if that doesn’t work, try to eat some miracle noodles to fill you up.

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