Avoiding the HCG Diet Steak Day

Avoiding the HCG Diet Steak Day

Learning how to maintain your weight, adjusting your food intake on regular basis after the very low calorie diet is the most important eating behavior that you can gain from hcg diet protocol. It’s a life-changing habit- because you view eating differently. You learn how to make natural adjustments that can truly change your relationship with foods.

In the stabilization phase, you are recommended to do the “Steak Day” if your weight goes beyond the 2 pounds limit. However, there are still ways that you can do to avoid doing the steak day. You can do some corrections already before reaching the said limit. Here are some of the suggested ways that you can do to avoid having the steak day.

What to do #1

  • Eat 2-3 pouched eggs for breakfast or snack
  • Eat salmon (smoked or sashimi ) for lunch with no sugar or any additives
  • Eat steak, low carb veggie for dinner

What to do #2

  • Drink plenty of water and eat nothing until lunch
  • For lunch have a chicken with mayo with celery or lettuce or have a whole can of tune
  • For dinner, have a large protein with a small salad
  • Have at least 2 pouched eggs for snacks or breakfast if you are really hungry

What to do #3

Egg day

  • Have at least 9-12 eggs a day and nothing else

What to do #4

Protein only days

  • Turkey or plain chicken
  • Eggs
  • Beef (plain)
  • Plain fish

(You can have the following with 1 or 2 low carb veggies or an apple or two)

What to do #5

Cheese and apple day

  • Have 2 oz. of cheese for breakfast or two apples
  • Have 2 oz. of cheese again for lunch and dinner or two apples
  • You need to drink lots of water between meals

What to do #6

Chicken Day

  • Eat a roasted chicken the whole day and nothing else

What to do #7

  • Eat plain, sugar-free yogurt all day

What to do #8

  • Eat some cheese and eggs for breakfast
  • Have a roasted chicken or steak for lunch
  • Have another roasted chicken or steak for dinner and a decent portion of cheese
  • Drink plenty of water and nothing else

The suggested ways are not meant to take place of the steak day. They are only meant to assist you when you are getting closer and closer to the steak day.


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  • Jan Marie Luna

    Your baseline for the 2-pound range is your Last Injection Weight (LIW). Whatever your weight is on the last day of injection will be your basis.

  • Hazel Williams

    I wouldn’t want to keep doing the steak day but if I do exceed the 2-pound rule, how frequent can it be done?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    When you do a steak day, you need to keep in mind that it is important that at least 4 days had passed since your previous steak day. Doing another steak day too soon will put too much stress on your body and would no longer be beneficial to your stabilization.

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